4 tips to save space while packing for storage

Sometimes it is necessary to rent a storage unit. You might be moving, renovating, having guests over, etc. These are all good reasons to use storage. However, you will need to pay rents every single month. For this reason, it would be unnecessary to spend more money on renting a big storage unit from shipping and logistics companies when you can save space. In order to achieve this, here are 4 tips to save space while packing for storage. 

Save space while packing for storage – declutter 

You need to declutter your home every once in a while. You should do the same before packing for storage. Why? Well, you do not need to store every single thing that is currently making a mess in your home. Do an inventory. Divide your items into three pile or more if you want. 

  • Items to store 
  • To sell or donate – these items are grouped together since many people try first to sell items in good condition and then to donate what they fail to sell 
  • Items to throw away – everything that is in bad condition and unusable 
assorted color clothes
Do an inventory of your items to see what you will store

Choose the right packing supplies 

Getting the right containers will help you save space. How? Well, get moving boxes and containers from movers and packers in Riyadh. Then, place your items inside. Since moving boxes usually have the same shape, you can save space by stacking them correctly. Place heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes on the top. This way, your unit will be well organized with neatly stacked boxes and containers. However, do not mix containers and boxes they are made from different materials. Cardboard might break under plastic containers. You can put cardboard boxes on the plastic containers but only if they are not extremely heavy. 

Save space while packing for storage by disassembling your furniture 

Furniture is usually big and heavy. For this reason, you should disassemble your furniture to save space. Pack each piece in a separate box. Label that box. You can also utilize your large pieces to save space. For example, stack your boxes on the table. You can even use the space beneath the table as well to save space. In addition to this, if you plan to store your bookshelf, you can also place the boxes there. Then, you do not have to install shelves in your unit.

bookshelf on the white wall
You can either disassemble your bookshelf or use it to save space


Other tips 

Even though you might have expected 4 tips for saving space, you will get more. 

  • Roll your clothes – this will do wonders. 
  • Russian dolls – you do not have to buy them but to use them as a method for packing. Fill all your pots and pans and fill them with items. 
  • Use clothes for packing – protect your fragile items with your clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. Why spend money on bubble wrapping when you can save space and money by using what you already have in your house? Be smart. 

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