5 specialty items only moving professionals should handle

Some items only moving professionals should handle. Although most of them are dangerous, there are hard for transferring if you are not professional. Freight forwarders in Riyadh would happily help you in this situation. There are a lot of reasons to leave them to organize moving.

  • There are dangerous items only moving professionals should handle – like hazardous liquid or guns;
  • Valuable details usually only professional movers should deal with – in some cases, you cannot provide even equipment to transport them;
  • You should follow the law in these situations – especially when you need to organize sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia.
Old books
It is better to leave antiques to the professionals to move

Large items only moving professionals should handle

In most cases, you would be able to transport large pieces of furniture. However, large items you cannot merely put in the vehicle. There are situations when you need to protect them or declutter on small pieces. In those situations, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

Pool tables

They are large and very robust, so not everybody accepts to transport them. On the other hand, it is hard to declutter pool tables. It means that you cannot separate on smaller pieces when carrying. Usually, moving companies recommend to leave them in storage Saudi Arabia for a while.

Pool table
It is obvious that movers cannot easily move the pool table


To be honest, not everybody will agree to transport your mattress. Even local movers Saudi Arabia recommends to their clients to leave when moving. Although they are soft and you can use for protection. On the other hand, you can buy a new one after moving. Whatever you choose, leave transportation of them to professional workers.


They are large, valuable, and extremely fragile. Only professionals know how to deal with that robust furniture. Especially if they are old and antique. There are a lot of types of pianos, but you should not see that information. Leave it to the professionals.

Valuable items only moving professionals should handle

You should not make trouble to yourself organizing transportation alone. Useful items, only excellent and professional moving company, could protect. On the other hand, they could offer you the right insurance. It is always better to rely on workers that have experience in these situations.

Pianos are sensitive and fragile


There are a lot of reasons why only professional moving companies should transport antiques. Not only that, they are valuable. They are fragile, and in most cases, you will need special equipment and packing supplies. In case you do something wrong, you can make colossal mistakes and damage.

Sculptures and large furniture

Sculptures belong to the antiques in most cases. However, people do not transport them with care. Not only that, you can damage them. You can also damage other items in the truck if not protected adequately. They could cause serious injuries. The same case is with large pieces of furniture. If you cannot declutter, leave to the moving company to resolve the problem. They are items only moving professionals should handle.

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