Advantages and Disadvantages of Compact Storage In Logistics

Today we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of compact storage in logistics. So first of all let’s get clear on what compact storage is. Compact storage, commonly referred to as high-density storage, is a way of keeping things that maximizes the use of available space. This may be achieved by employing methods like stacking and palletization as well as specialized storing apparatus like racks, shelves, and vertical storage systems. That’s why we as a national shipping company of Saudi Arabia would like to help you, so let’s dive and see those advantages and disadvantages as well as how they’re connected with logistics.

Advantages of compact storage in logistics

The first and most obvious one is that it has a larger capacity when compared to regular storage. We as a company that has a warehouse in Saudi Arabia can tell you that with great planning you’ll store almost 80% more items when compared to regular storage. But you’ll need to plan smart because you’ll have to consider what things you’ll move in first and last. Furthermore, this will reduce the overall cost of your business. Because this way you’ll reduce the amount of space that you need thus making logistics cheaper. Since it’ll be more compact this way you’ll be more organized, thus making tracking of goods much easier. Also, you’ll easily navigate through the inventory.

Some more advantages of compact storage in logistics include enhanced safety. By lowering the amount of hallway space needed and making products simpler to access, compact storage can significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries and mishaps. Our company provides cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia so we understand all the benefits of compact storage. Because if the logistics fail and the organization is low and slow, it’s a nightmare; but we’ll talk more about it in the next paragraph.

A man carry a box while thinking about Advantages and Disadvantages of Compact Storage In Logistics;
There are plenty of advantages of compact storage in logistics over traditional storage.

Disadvantages of compact storage in logistics

The main disadvantage that we as freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia see is increased complexity. With all due respect, this can be a huge problem, especially when it comes to loading selectivity. Because as you can see there is not a clear path towards all the goods. There are also more complex machines and organization is overall much more strict when compared to old-fashioned storage. Two more things that you’ll say goodbye to forklifts and pallet racking systems. The biggest advantage is that you’ll gain more space but the biggest disadvantage is that goods will have to be unloaded and loaded with extra precision and care.

Furthermore, another thing that you should think about is the load. Because in the pallet packing system, there aren’t so many movements. This means that compact storage can lack safety when moving certain things. While pallet racking systems will offer less space, they’re faster and more reliable as well as less prone to accidents. We provide customs clearance in Saudi Arabia so we use both logistics in our storage. Since we do a lot of different types of moving and shipping each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

A man driving a forklift;
No space to move might be the biggest disadvantage of compact storage in logistics.

So which one should you pick?

Now at the end which one should you pick? It depends on you if your business needs a lot of space. For, example if you’re one of many import export companies in Saudi Arabia you’ll probably need this. Plus the high-quality logistics to run the whole base of operations. Overall you’ll lower the cost with the great logistic team and with compact storage. Also if you want better control over the inventory you should go for compact storage. One extra thing is that it’s probably safer than traditional storage since there’s less space to move around.

Now if you don’t need bigger storage or you don’t need a lot of space there are other alternatives So it means that compact storages are better only if everything is going according to the plan. If you need storage to be highly scalable that opt for convenient storage rather than compact storage. It simply means that if you put everything in the right order only then the compact storage with proper logistics can work. If you need any pallets from behind or that should have gone last, you’re in deep trouble. But also you’ll need pricier equipment and different systems than in regular storage. This also may impact the overall cost.

Many containers in an open storage;
Your business is the only criterion that’ll tell you what type of storage do you need.

Final thoughts on advantages and disadvantages of compact storage in logistics

Just like we’ve discussed in the previous chapter you should pick the one that suits your needs. This would be it for today and thank you for coming here and reading our blog. We hope that it helped you figure out the advantages and disadvantages of compact storage in logistics. To finalize it one more time conventional storages are faster if selectivity is the main component of your business. If everything is going according to the plan and your orders are the same most of the time then go for compact storage. We mean that they’re in the correct order first thing goes first and last goes out. This way storage will be cheaper and you’ll save some extra money.

If you have any other questions or need any other services take a look at our blog section. We provide different logicist, storage, moving, and other types of services. We also offer services by industry such as aerospace and defense services, oil and chemical services,  projects and oversized, pharmaceuticals and clinical trials, exhibitions, and events. When it comes to moving and anything else just check out our website and you’ll see in the blog section that we’ve got a lot of free tips and tricks for you. Have a nice time finding the right storage solution for you and your business, and have a great day.

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