Air Shipping Requirements for Pet Safety

If you want to transport your furry friends, you need to learn about the air shipping requirements for pet safety. Shipping companies give significant care to pets when organizing shipping. They, though, must follow the regulations and track your shipment in coordination with the law. There are specifics that transporting companies must follow when organizing transport by air. It is always good to rely on professional moving companies like Four Winds Saudi Arabia that know shipping regulations and requirements. They will also care about your pet and protect it during transport.

Learn more about air shipping requirements for pet safety

Learning how to transport a pet by air when organizing shipping is crucial. Experienced companies follow IATA Lie Animal Regulations and follow the instructions on the site. It would be best to rely on professionals for this job.

A dog.
You should learn air shipping requirements for pet safety before transporting.

Regulations are tight with air shipping requirements for pet safety

Regarding pet transportation, air shipping requirements for pet safety are pretty detailed. All the trustworthy freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia should know about these requirements. There are differences between shipping animals for agricultural, scientific, conservation, and zoological purposes. It is also different if you transport racehorses and pets. So, learning more about it will significantly help in this process.

How to organize shipping

There are a few factors that you should consider before starting with shipping. The air cargo Bahrain that you cooperate with will ask you about the shipping date and the route, as well as to specify the pet. You should ask them all about this process while you are preparing. Pay attention to these two details.

  • The company must accurately label the container, so each worker knows what is inside it;
  • A professional cargo transport company needs to measure and weigh the container and write all information visibly.

Air shipping requirement for pet safety is essential, so you must not miss any of the details.

Prepare documents and follow the air shipping requirements for pet safety

As in any other transporting, air shipping presumes filling particular documents. Usually, you need to fill out all papers that the country demands. Some countries ask for special allowances or certificates, so you should inform yourself about it on time from freight forwarders in Bahrain.

Which documents to prepare?

Although each country has specific documents they need for shipping, there are standards that every country follows. Most presume a health certificate, an import permit, and a shipper’s certificate. You can also provide an in-cabin live animal acceptance checklist or air waybill. Countries could expand this list with a pre-convention certificate, certificate of captive breeding, and introduction from the sea. Finally, you will need a certificate of origin.

A cat.
These rules are mostly defined for your pet’s safety.

Prepare your pet for shipping

As your pet does not like changes, you should know that this travel will be stressful. Therefore, you should ensure that your pet is safe during shipping. You should take note of your animal’s behavior, as well as its general health. Your pet must be in good condition, otherwise, carriers will not accept it.

In conclusion

We hope this short guide has helped you learn about the air shipping requirements for pet safety. Observing your pet’s behavior and preparing as much as possible for this trip is crucial for both you and your pet.

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