Auto (Cars & Bikes)

Family vehicles, to the most of us, are our second home; to the rest of us, it is not only trusted and loyal friend but a part of the family. In it, we leave the comforts of our home, not only to travel in style but to cocoon ourselves with comfort and safety.

We understand the personal value of your car that is why we take extra care in handling it. Whether it is import or export, we carefully follow strict guidelines to ensure that your cars arrive at the destination spotless and in tiptop condition. We take seriously the processes and procedures prior to the export and arrival of your vehicle; the failure of which could end up in a severe loss.

Auto Import

Four Winds’ administrators and customs consultants will assist you with complete import procedures, required documents, customs duty assessments, traffic registration, SASO certification and all the other procedurals related with the importation of vehicles.

Auto Export

From the time we receive your inquiry, our move consultants will provide you with the complete information on vehicle export. Our government relations team will take care of the vehicle de-registration and court attestation as part of the export service. Our vehicle inspection team at our depot will assure you peace of mind while handing over your favorite auto to us.

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