Best Outdoor Activities in Saudi Arabia

.Saudi Arabia has been a beautiful destination for years. Many people were attracted by this oil-rich country. As many work opportunities arose in the oil and gas field it promised nice pay as well as good living conditions. So it should not come as a surprise that this became a good destination for some of the world’s ex-pats. Not to mention that many travelers contact relocation services Saudi Arabia provides, on their way to explore this magnificent country. There are many things you can do here both out and indoors, so don’t think that all it has is oil and gas. We will tell you some of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia and make sure you see this beautiful place in an even better light.


The largest city as well as the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. At the same time, it is the capital of the province that shares the same name. This beautiful city is located in the middle of a desert. This gorgeous city has the highest number of citizens in the country. And with the amount of tourist attention it gets every year it is not surprising that many people contact moving companies in Riyadh wishing to move as well.

Saudi Arabia on the world map
Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country that has been holding its position for many years already as one of the world’s riches oil countries.

In Saudi Arabia, this city is like a heart. Almost every important institution has its headquarters here(banks and companies). And as such the importance of this city surrounded by a wall has skyrocketed. From a small oasis town into one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Some of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia can be found just outside this city!

Standing at the edge of the world

The edge of the world or locally known as  Jebel Fihrayn is one of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia. It intrigues and captures the hearts of tourists all over the world. Named for the horizontal view that seems like it never ends, standing on top of these cliffs and overlooking the desert underneath is a beautiful experience. Just standing here will invoke a feeling of greatness. While you watch the dried river beds under your feet along with the ancient trading routes there still might have some passengers on camels roaming about.

Coming here from Riyadh will take about 90minutes by car. In the meantime, you can leave your items in your hotel,  or find a warehouse in Saudi Arabia where you can place them for safekeeping. After coming close via car the rest of the way is only accessible by some of the hiking routes. The best way is to go with a local guide.


In the position of the 5th largest Saudi Arabian city is Dammam. Actually, this city is also the East province’s capital. Many oil-based businesses and headquarters are located here. making it the heart of administration for the oil business. Actually, a fun fact is that Damman airport is the biggest in the world in terms of its landing area. Many people are attracted by its location next to the Gulf. Along with the oil and end up contacting some of the movers and packers Dammam has to offer. Its steadily growing population is also influenced by some of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia

Curved building in Riyadh
There are many places in this gorgeous city worth visiting. The architecture is rich and diverse as well.

Corals and shells

On the east coast lies one of the Best Outdoor Activities in Saudi Arabia. With the name “Corals and shells“. Made by a group of people that wanted to say bye to conventional jobs and focus on their hobbies it became so much more. This became a must-go for many tourists.

Here you will not only find a school for swimming but free diving as well as scuba diving. Many moving companies in Saudi Arabia, are contacted by ex-tourists that fell in love with the charms of this beautiful experience.


This beautiful city is the commercial center of Saudi Arabia. Its location was the prime influence behind this city’s growth. It started off as a small fishing village bordering the Indian Ocean. And over time as it steadily grew bigger it was made into the main port for goods meant to channel its goods to Mecca. Many Saudi Arabians along with tourists decide that moving to Jeddah is a must after experiencing some of the local wonders.

This town also has religious importance serving as the gateway to Muslims traveling to Mecca. Earlier by sea and in recent years by air. So you can always find a warehouse for rent in Jeddah, where many believers place their items while they are on their religious journey. But they can also be used by locals to store access items or important valuables.

Explore the desert

There are many different types of tours in Jeddah. And most are centered around the desert. Best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia are closely tied to the desert and its wonders. And with these tours, you will get to experience it first hand. Not only can you ride camels, but you can see the desert during the morning, noon or night depending on your preferences. Along with you, there will be locals and tourists so making new acquaintances is also a good option. Get one step closer to nature and learn about this ecosystem firsthand.

People camping in the desert is one of the best Outdoor Activities in Saudi Arabia
One of the Best Outdoor Activities in Saudi Arabia is desert camping!


This smaller city is located northwest of Jeddah. Although small and not densely populated it also has a lot to offer. Many people from Jedhha choose to travel 300km in order to come here and relax. It is home to many foreigners from Asia but Europe and America as well. It is safe to say moving companies in Yanbu have their hands full. But the most hype here comes from some of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia.

  • Diving- You will find many different diving locations and companies in Yanbu. From diving with the dolphins to diving in search of underwater treasures, Yanbu has it all. All you have to do is find the company and activity you like and apply.
  • Fishing- There are many fishing tours hosted by local tourist agencies for fish lovers. And if you enjoy fishing you must try one.
  • Beaches- Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Saudi  Arabia. So take it as a must and go enjoy them. Get a tan and relax in the water!

You can go and explore many other attractions as well. For example, how can we mention the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia without naming the Radwa Mount? Radwa Mount has been an inspiration for many painters and poets over the years. With its beautiful peaks died in shades of red, it invokes a feeling of mystery. It is even said that Hassan Ibn Thabit(one of prophet Muhammad’s companions) was also greatly inspired by this gorgeous place. Known for its wildlife and abundance of animals residing in it Radwa Mount is also the highest point of the Al Nakhil range.


On the Persian Gulph coast of Saudi Arabia lies Jubail. This beautiful city in the Eastern province is home to one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies, as well as some of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia. Although it started off as a small sea town over the years it has grown considerably. Especially after being named the new industrial city by the Arab government. It has many parks as well as beaches for locals and tourists. Moving companies in Jubail have also grown with the city in recent years.

Covered woman on the beach
There are many small towns in Saudi Arabia and exploring them will be a little hard without a tour guide.


How can one talk about Saudi Arabia and not mention the holiest city in all of Islam? Located only 70km from Jeddah it is the third most populated city in Saudi Arabia. It is known in the world as “the fountainhead and cradle of Islam” and the birthplace of the prophet Muhamed. This is one of the holiest sites in all of Islam and the direction of their prayers. In the province of Mecca, there are different kinds of tours available for people.

Ushaiger village

Do you want to have a peek into old Arabia? The slow-paced life of people from this land long before the economical and technological bloom? Hidden in the heat of the desert there exists an oasis village of Ushaiger. To this day this small village located under the red mountain still has some residents. Living in small yellow mud houses. When you walk into this village you will feel like you were teleported back into the past. 

Along the small windy streets, wooden walkways, and mud houses, this village is a testament to the old. And a living museum still breathing and continuing its legacy. It is hard to believe especially for us, people of the new world filled with electronics internet, and electricity that villages like this exist. But we are proven wrong time and time again. This village is one of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia.

Three camels in Saudi Arabia
There are many people living in the villages of Saudi Arabia far from the modern world we live in.

Its existence defies modern times and gives us a glimpse at another way of life long forgotten by modern man.

Climb the peak

Among the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia, we also have to mention the village of Al Qarah. Loong before you arrive here you will spot a huge mountain leaning over the village like a giant. Its highest peak rises a vaping 75-meters above street level and 205-meters above sea level. Although you won’t need much effort to reach the peak and gaze at the beautiful village underneath it should not be taken for granted.

While climbing any mountain safety should always be your marine priority. And as such a guide is always the best option. They will show you the safest pathways and for the more adventurous people, there might be some secluded ones as well. 

Travel to Saudi Arabia

Many people that travel around the world have fallen in love with the charms of this desert country. Even if we forget for a moment its riches made by oil and gas one thing still looms over Saudi Arabia. Its history. Not only the religious history of when Islam was created on its territory. But the history of people that lived here rode camels and horses, fought with their swords, enjoyed the abundance of gold and silk, and so on.

man exploring at night

During the night in the Arab desert, the stars shine brighter than anywhere in the world.And as such some of the best outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia are influenced by its history. People from all around the world come to experience their deserts, seas, mountains, culture, and beliefs. Among many of them are people that wish to learn more about the way of life, history, and culture. None of these things should be taken for granted as they helped people grow and become what they are now.

What to know before you go to Saudi Arabia

Keep in mind that in order to travel to Saudi Arabia you will need a visa. Everyone over 18 can apply for one. It is safe to travel to, but you should be aware and mindful of Saudi beliefs and culture. So refrain from public displays of affection. You will notice that female and male spaces are separated with different entrances and seating areas. Although the government does not require female travelers to wear the abaya(cloak) both men and women are required to dress modestly without any reviling clothing.

The sale, purchase, and consumption of alcohol are illegal as well as public mentioning and practice of a different religion. Also, all of the restaurants, as well as cafes and other shops, are closed 5 times a day during the prayers. People here as well as anywhere in the world will be curious about you as much as you are about them. So don’t be surprised if you are offered a coffee and called in as a guest.

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