Best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia either for business or pleasure is a big step. Especially if you are an ocean or a continent away. You don’t want to rush any part of the moving process, because not enough preparation may cost you more time, money, and possibly your goods. Therefore, you might want to research the best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia so you can ensure nothing is lost, only gained when moving. There are a lot of ways to investigate this. One of the best ways certainly is to check the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, Four Winds Saudi Arabia to get the best estimates and quotes for your chosen region. However, it’s always good to be extra prepared as well. The following guide will walk you through the most suitable renting options to store and keep your goods safe until you are ready to move.

Why are the best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia

Warehousing is always a reliable option when moving. In the first place because they offer safety and protection of your belongings, so you don’t have to worry about theft or damage. If you are using one for business purposes, you will soon find out that they offer both a chance to improve productivity and also great inventory handling and management. With this in mind, a warehouse in Saudi Arabia is your best option to store and keep your goods in.

A lot of moving boxes
Whether you are moving your home or business ensure your belongings are safe in a storage facility

Here are some of the many reasons why Saudi Arabia is one of the best warehousing markets in the world.

  • High-security facilities where your goods will be safe from damage and theft
  • Inventory management that will increase your business productivity
  • Saves money and time it takes to transport your goods
  • Special storage units for all types of items
  • Developed roads and ports for better and faster transportation

Although a highly new practice, more and more warehouses are also using drones to locate and manage the goods both inside and outside them. As this is something that’s still not implemented in all of them if you are interested in this type of management, be sure to check with your local movers which warehouses have drones. This is especially interesting to business owners and renters, as drones have a much faster processing power for finding goods.

How to ship to Saudi Arabia

Choosing the right place to rent storage in Saudi Arabia is crucial, but equally important is getting the items there. Whether you do this by air or sea, shipping to Saudi Arabia can be quite a challenge. The fastest way is, without a doubt, choosing to ship the items via air. However, this option is also one of the more costly ones, as the prices for air freight forwarding are higher. If you are not in a hurry to get the items as soon as possible, consider sending them by the sea. Not only you will be able to pack more belongings, but can also choose an option to share your container with someone else and therefore reduce the costs of moving.

Best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia
Shipping is half the job, so be sure to find the best local movers

Warehousing and best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia

At the moment, three cities in Saudi Arabia offer exceptional warehousing opportunities – Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh. Each of them has a wide range of offers and warehousing types. The largest one is in Jeddah, with an area of 26.1 million square meters just for warehousing. The second-largest warehousing district is located in the capital city of Saudia Arabia, Riyadh. That area occupies 24.5 square meters. Furthermore, the city of Dammam has 20.9 million square meters occupied by warehouses.

Once you decided where you want your warehouse to be located, it’s time to check storage types and chose the best one for you. Depending on the amount of time you want your goods to be stored, you want to consider between short-term and long-term facilities first. Also, make a list of all your belongings and organize them by sensitivity. Those that are highly valuable you want to mark so the warehouse workers will put them in special security-measured units. If you are transporting temperature-sensitive goods, there are a lot of hot and cold storage units you can choose from. If you are dealing with dangerous and hazardous items, the warehouses in Saudi Arabia got you covered even for that.

Jeddah – best option for warehousing and renting storage

Of all the cities in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah by far offers the most suitable warehousing and storage options. Not only because of its largest revenue share but also because of the remarkable development in infrastructure of the city. This means that shipping is also top quality, with good road connections and full-scale ports. On top of that, recent years have only seen an increase in the warehousing market in Saudi Arabia. In other words, the already vast offer in renting storage has been expanded even further. Exceptional features such as long-term, short-term, open yards, cold and dry storages, climate-controlled storage units are just one of many options warehouse Jeddah has to offer.

Warehouse worker carrying a box
There is a large selection of storage opportunities – be sure to pick one of the best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia

However, this rise in popularity means that there is constantly high demand for renting storage. Equally important to choosing a moving company, is doing a bit of research about the city you are moving into. For that reason, be sure to check this official page to learn more about Jeddah. While browsing, keep in mind that the majority of warehouses are located in the district of Al-Khomra. Knowing this in advance is a good plan when choosing where to not only move but rent a storage space in Jeddah.

Without a doubt is renting a storage space your best option when moving to Saudi Arabia. This is especially true if you are moving your business or your home internationally. And to find those best places to rent storage in Saudi Arabia, always check with Four Winds Saudi Arabia, as one of the top moving companies there.

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