Best way to handle moving antique furniture

There are a lot of things you need to consider when moving. Picking the right professional movers in Jeddah might be one of them, but you also need to think about all the paperwork you will do, as well as taking care of your items when packing and transporting them. The latter is possibly the biggest worry of anyone moving to a new place. What happens if you don’t secure your stuff well? You will end up in your new home – with damaged items! This can be especially horrific when you have valuable and old stuff – the damages here can often be irreplaceable. This is why you need to take special care of these items – from packing them to transporting and unpacking them at the end. In this article, find out some of our best tips on moving antique furniture.

Steps to take when moving antique furniture

As with almost everything in life, careful planning will ensure that your furniture will arrive in one piece in the final destination (unless you disassembled it first). So what are the steps to take?

  1. Well, first, you should talk to your movers about moving antique furniture.
  2. Then, take a detailed inventory of your items, together with their value and condition.
  3. Think about the logistics of the move.
  4. Finally, pack your items with care.

As you can see, a lot of these steps will involve a lot of planning – and just the last will require you actually do some hard work. This is because by finishing planning, you will have done a huge part of the job. That way, you will know exactly how to behave with your furniture, and what steps you need to take. You will be prepared for the upcoming stuff while doing the previous step – which will in turn only speed up your process.

Talk to your movers about the move

During the move, your best bet will be to rely on your moving company. Find those that have experience both with moving locally and moving coast to coast – they will probably have the most knowledge. They can tell you exactly how to go about picking the items for the move, packing them, and they can lend you a hand in transporting them as well.

Man making a call on his phone.
Communication is important during a move.

This is why it is imperative that you talk to them about moving antique furniture – for multiple reasons. First, they need to know what they will be dealing with. There are certain packing materials that they can use, which will ensure your furniture stays intact during the transport. This might also change your insurance policy to add certain perks and protect your items more – but you need to talk to your company about it. The second reason is so you can plan everything well. The chances are that they already dealt with antiques, and they will know the best way to transport them. Because of this, they will be very valuable when planning your relocation.

Do a detailed inventory

The second thing you need to do when moving antique furniture is to make a detailed inventory of your items. This will help you decide what you can take with you, and what you can afford to leave behind. Remember, you can cut your moving expenses by lowering the number of items you want to transport since the movers usually charge based on the items’ weight and volume.

An excel table.
Make a table with all the prices of your items.

While you are writing everything down, make sure you also mark the condition they are in. Write down any imperfection that appears on the items. This will help you figure out the state of things after the movers bring them to you. It will also help you set up a clear insurance policy with the moving company. Finally, this way, you are making sure that you will not forget anything once the moving day arrives.

Finally, you should think about appraising your items. Not only will this inform the insurance you can get for them, but it can also tell you a lot more about your items. Maybe you have a hidden gem somewhere in your collection – and it might be worth more selling the item instead of moving it to your new home. Whatever the reason, you should know their cost before you start moving antique furniture.

Look into the house layout

Size of the items is also an important facet to consider when moving antique furniture. These items can often be huge – and hard to carry around. What’s more, sometimes you might find out you are unable to get them through the doors. This is why it’s important to add their size to the listings you are creating.

Layouts are important when moving antique furniture.
Think about where you can move your furniture.

Not only that, but you should also look over the layouts of your home, as well as your new house with your moving company. This way, you can plan out the route you can take when carrying this furniture in. Trust us – you don’t want to have to move that old, heavy armchair all the way across the country only to find out that it cannot even fit inside your new living room!

Packing fragile and antique items

There is a lot to be said about packing when moving antique furniture. However, one of the best tips we can give you is to call the professionals to handle it. No matter how well-versed into the process you are, the pros will probably have something that can help you speed it up. If you insist on doing it yourself, though, then the same rules will apply just like with shipping fragile items. You will want to disassemble your stuff as much as you can. This way you can secure each piece, and then secure the boxes in which you are moving them.

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