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Let’s go and uncover some case studies to see how Four Winds helped major partners turn logistical ideas into a reality

These pictures have been taken before the project started.


As brief history of Four Winds SA Ltd in Water Desalination projects, proved that anything, and anyhow, we can move, we can transfer as our costumer satisfy.

Transferring more than 45,000 line items with 100,000 thousands number pieces from client old warehouse to client new warehouse with different process flow and special handling, again Four Winds S.A. Ltd. proved that there is no small, big, sensitive, difficult and special handling procedure that our talented people cannot do and moved.


  • Manage Inventory
  • Cleaning, tagging, arranging, and labeling
  • Transferring from old to new warehouse, and serially arrange materials

Four Winds carefully transfer and moved all materials small, big, sensitive, and even materials that needed special handling. With our heavy equipment, trucks forklift and our experienced people handle transferring and moving all client materials. Four Winds are dedicated of all kinds of moving that customer will satisfy.

Solutions / Results

  • Cleaning materials of water desalination is one of the priorities in moving their warehouse before transferring.
  • Four Winds change their old pallets, packing materials, and even boxes are arrange orderly too.
  • Inventory System also manages by our Four Winds Logistics Specialist, before we transfer all their materials we also done inventory to assure the quantity for new inventory are balance.
  • We also arrange client materials serially in their location as our customer prepared. Thousands kind of materials are carefully arrange by Four Winds Logistics specialist.
  • Tagging, this is old but good system; we put tag in every material as their identification and to avoid loss of materials in its location. Tag contains the location, the part number, and description. Based on this the barcode was programmed.
  • Sticker Label also support and done by Four Winds to make their location easy to locate even outside the bin box and pallets.
  • Four Wind prepare new record for beginning balance of client new warehouse

Getting Started

The customer and Four Winds Logistics  Project Manager have met and agreed on an action plan and duration. Within this period the old warehouse has to be inventoried, tagged, barcoded, the warehouse re-designed and all materials to be placed on the new locations.

Working together for a Lean Warehouse Management and Distribution 

After the work has finished, we continue to work with the client in their inbound freight forwarding requirement and ways to find cost effective solution for their logistics needs.

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