How to choose between different types of storage units

Every now and then, you might find yourself in need of more room. Whether you are running out of space in your home, and you need somewhere to place your extra stuff, or you are moving and need to put your things somewhere until everything is sorted out – you will be in need of a storage unit. However, warehousing Saudi Arabia can often be hard. Depending on the things you are storing, you might in need of a certain type of storage. And if you do not have much experience with finding this storage, then this can often be confusing to you. However, you are in luck! We are here to help guide you through this process! In this article, we help you navigate different types of storage units. Read on to find out more!

What are the different types of storage units

Before we start listing various different types of storage units, let’s first discuss why you need them. You might be wondering why you cannot simply pick some packing & crating services, place everything in the boxes or crates, and put them in a unit. Well, if you consider all the things in your home, you will realize that things can get difficult. Since there is a huge variety of items in each house, there is a variety of storage units for them. For example, you would not put items that require to be held in a cold space with the ones who cannot stand being in cold, right?

Various items to store.
Think about what you want to store.

So, before diving into picking the storage unit, first consider what you want to store in them. Look at your items and think about their properties. Will they require special care? Are you going to be visiting them often? Another good thing to think about is how long they need to stay in the unit. Are you going to pick them after the move? Or maybe you are planning on storing them for a season? When you know these, it’s time to pick your unit. It’s also time to choose the right boxes for storage, so think about these too. These are your options:

  • indoor storage might be the most common among the different types of storage units;
  • outdoor storage is its opposite;
  • you might consider portable storage containers or
  • you might go for climate-controlled units.

Indoor storage units

Indoor storage units might be the most common (and most famous) of the storage units. These are the units you rent in a storage facility. They are pretty easy to use, but there are, of course, both advantages and disadvantages to them. First, they have protection against the weather. There are no rain, winds or thunderstorms inside a building to affect your items. You can also get extra security for them, like special locks or surveillance. If you get units that are not on the ground floor, you might even be able to score special deals.

However, there is a disadvantage to these. First, you will probably need to get checked by a security person (if there is one) when you enter the building. Another thing that might be a disadvantage is that you need to bring your things to the storage yourself. You can bypass this by hiring reliable movers Saudi Arabia though, so that is not such a big obstacle.

Outdoor storage units

On the other hand of the different types of storage units are the ones you can find outdoors. These are pretty similar to the indoor units in the way they work. The only major difference is where they are – outdoors. This brings with itself its own set of pros and cons. First, there is no elevator or dollies to deal with. However, you can drive up your car directly up to the unit. This way, you can unload your things with ease, or load them back up into the trunk.

Outdoor storage units.
Outdoor storage units are easy to use.

The disadvantage here is that the weather can affect these units. You will have to think twice about storing things like fine arts in them. If you have items that are sensitive to cold, or sensitive to heat, you might want to pick an indoors storage unit.

Portable storage containers

The portable units are quite unique among the different types of storage units. What makes them so unique is that you can get them right on your driveway. You make an arrangement with the company, agree on the unit’s size and the length of time you need it for, and they will do the rest. The only thing you will do is pack it up!

The advantages here are many. First, you don’t need to pack up your truck, unload it and then pack up the unit. You skip the transportation step immediately. Then, the company can take the unit for you, or it can stay in your driveway for as long as you need it.

However, the disadvantage is that you will probably need to figure out your own security. The storage services will have their secure building, but you should still invest in a sturdy lock for the unit.

Climate-controlled units

The climate-controlled units are great for your items that need special care. In these units, you can set up the temperature and humidity levels, so the advantage is that you can go on about your day without worrying your items are not safe.

Art supplies can be stored in different types of storage units.
Store your arts in climate-controlled units.

The disadvantage to these units is that they can be quite expensive. And since different types of storage units will also have some sort of climate control, getting these might not be needed. This is why it’s important to think carefully about what unit to use – this way you will save your money, and keep your items safe too!

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