Choosing the Best Short Term Storage Option

We all have stuff we want to store and choosing the best short term storage option is a problem we will tackle at one point or another. However, if we want to be smart about it, we will research our options beforehand. No matter if we need to renovate our home or just clear out a room or two for some time, the short term storage is what we will need. If we need a warehouse Jeddah we get a warehouse Jeddah. Simple as that.

But we can approach the whole thing more scientifically. Get more proverbial bang for our proverbial buck, so to speak. Let us start with a definition.

Choosing the Best Short Term Storage Option – The Basics

What is short term storage?

Simply put, the short term storage is broadly defined as storage for less than three months. However, more it would be more accurate to say that it is a storage space that you are able to access now rather than then. It all depends on what are your needs, however. If you want to pick the best option, then you need to carefully weigh the following factors:

How much space do you need?

When it comes to choosing the best short term storage option, space is the biggest thing that you need to worry about. Needless to say, it is really important for all types of storage spaces but even more so for short term storage. You want to carefully examine all of the things that will be going in there. Check if your boxes can be stacked on one another, by using wooden crates perhaps,  that way you can use more of the vertical space!

Perhaps you need all of your things easily accessible at all times. The possibilities are numerous, you just need to sit down and carefully examine what is it that you need. You do not want to rent a huge storage unit when a smaller one will do. And you definitely do not want to rent a smaller storage unit than you actually require. That only leads to problems.

a warehouse
You need to carefully examine how much space you need, or you will pay more!

Choosing the Best Short Term Storage Option – Where is it and how do I access it?

Short storage options usually require that you are able to access your items at a moment’s notice. Therefore, options that are closer to home are more favorable than the ones that are not. For example, perhaps you need the use of the items that you are about to store. But you need to use them sporadically and need to store them after. Perhaps you require services such as pallet racking Saudi Arabia? In these cases, it might be best to get a portable storage container and store your stuff there.

Even if you are unable or do not want to rent a portable storage container, you can look into options that are close by and that allow you to drive in and out at all times. There are facilities that allow this and there are others that do not. You need to carefully examine them and see which ones are good for you.

What about cost-efficiency?

If you are choosing the best short term storage option, you need to carefully examine and analyze its cost-efficiency. A simple thing to remember is that the less amount of time you are renting a unit for, the more it costs. Long term storage is usually cheaper, per month, but you need to know how to prepare your items for storage. A nifty trick to get more bang for your buck is to rent your unit through a specialized temporary storage company. Yes, they do exist, check them out. The trick is that these companies formulate their prices with short term storage in mind. There are quite a few of them and the best thing to do is call each one of them and compare prices. Some of them will even offer discounts!

man holding a lightbulb
You always want to be as cost-efficient as possible. Storage units are no exception.

Choosing the Best Short Term Storage Option – Advanced

Flexible Terms

You might not always know the exact date or time when you will need your short term storage solution to end. That is when choosing the best short term storage option becomes slightly tricky. However, what you can do is find a “mini storage” option. This option offers you a month-to-month lease and you get charged on a monthly basis. Whenever you want to take your things out, all you need to do is terminate the contract, right there.

Amenities of short term storage units

Depending on what exactly you are planning to store, different options will be optimal. If you want to store anything that is highly susceptible to damage, such as art or electronics, you want storage that has both temperature control and humidifiers. This is doubly important if you are using the storage in very cold or very hot periods.

Your items can be seriously damaged if they are exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, even for a short time. You want to know that the storage amenities will protect them.


And, lastly, we come to the security of the storage. It really does not matter if you are using the storage as short term or long term, you want to know that your items are safe. Your items will usually be safe in high-security storage units but the main things that your storage needs to have are the following:

  • Gates
  • Security cameras
  • On-site staff
security officer
The most important trait of storage units is that your items are safe in there!

If your storage unit does not have any of these three things, it is not as safe as it can be. Sometimes you will be fine with any storage unit but that depends on where you live, what is the crime rate and so on. Usually, storage places are quite safe but if you are storing something that is extremely valuable, make sure to protect it adequately.

And that would be it for choosing the best short term storage option! Basically, it comes down to considering all the factors and your own situation and what you have available in your area. Just remember to shop around, do not get glued to the first option that presents itself. Storage companies compete with one another and you can always find a better price.

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