Climate-controlled storage guidelines

Renting the storage unit that’s going to meet all the needs that you may have is an important thing to do. Rent a storage unit that isn’t going to be fulfilling your needs and you will have thrown money away for nothing. Therefore, it is important to find out as much as you can about storage units, their specifications and most importantly, about your needs. While we cannot help you discover what it really is that you want, we can help you find out a lot about what climate-controlled storage can provide you with. Therefore, in the case that you are thinking about renting a storage unit, but are not certain whether to invest in one with air conditioning, bear with us. We are going to try and help you understand what they are good for. Therefore, bear with us till the end and get ready to store some items!

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Make sure to choose the unit that will meet your needs but not exceed them.

What you need to know about climate-controlled storage

Right now, we need to point out the following. Not all people are going to require the services of climate-controlled storage. There are actually plenty more of us who own items that can go by with regular storage units. Still, there are some warehouse Jeddah that will do their best to make sure that you rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Everyone is in business in order to make money. Therefore, you need to be the one who is going to decide what you need and what you don’t. 

Therefore, the first and the most important thing is to decide by yourself what you are going to be storing in your storage unit. Once decided, you should find out if your items really need storing in air-conditioned storage units or not. Only then should you start looking for a warehouse.

If you decide to rent climate-controlled storage, you should be aware of the following:

  • What does climate-controlled mean?
  • Figure out the difference between climate-controlled and temperature-controlled units
  • Get information on the desired humidity levels

Let’s get you on board!

What does climate-controlled really mean?

First thing’s first, we need to explain to you what climate-controlled storage really means.

In a regular storage unit, all you can do is to place your items inside, arrange them nicely through pallet racking Saudi Arabia and that’s it. You are not going to be able to influence the temperature inside whatsoever. Even insulating your storage unit will provide not much help when the temperatures rise. Therefore, in the case that you actually need to make sure that your items are stored under defined conditions, you need to rent a particular type of a storage unit to keep your belongings intact.

So, which one are you going to choose? Climate-controlled or temperature-controlled storage units? Let’s find out what’s the difference between them.

The difference between climate-controlled and temperature-controlled storage units

There is one major difference between these two. For those who are looking to store unusual artifacts inside find out the differences between them. Knowing the difference between climate-controlled and temperature-controlled units is going to prove crucial to making the right decision of what type of a storage unit Saudi Arabia to rent. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase.

climate-controlled storage allows you to manipulate temperature and humidity
Temperature is something that you will be able to manipulate in your climate-controlled storage

The main difference between these two types of storage units lies in the fact that temperature-controlled unit allows you to manage the temperature inside, but nothing else. This is a perfect solution for those who just need to make sure that their storage unit remains nice and cool.

However, what are you going to do in the case that your belongings require a special level of humidity when stored? If this is the case with you, then you should make sure to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. It is going to allow you to manipulate the climate inside.

Nowadays, most modern air conditioning systems come HVAC-equipped. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning have become a standard. You can also further insulate your storage space too. Therefore, storing plenty of different types of items becomes much easier all of a sudden.

The desired humidity levels

Now that you’ve learned the difference between these units, you can choose the right storage KSA for you. In the case that you actually need to store some delicate items inside, you will be happy to learn the general guidelines when it comes to humidity levels.

We are going to take a look at the following:

  • Fine art
  • Metals
  • Delicate fabrics
  • Paper items
  • Vinyl records

Fine art

Fine art represents one of the most delicate pieces that you can store. Therefore, in order to keep it safe, set your temperature at about 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. In regards to the humidity, make sure to keep it at about 50%.


Metals can rust if kept in a too humid atmosphere. Therefore, you should make sure that the humidity is about 35 – 55%.

Delicate fabrics

Furniture is something that a lot of people place in storage units. However, should they be too humid, you could end up fighting mold. Therefore, make sure that the humidity in the unit is about 55%.

Paper items

Paper is a great material. It allows us so much, while it is so thin. Still, pour water over it and it is ruined. Therefore, make sure to keep the humidity among your books at about 35%.

A music record
Storing records the right way is crucial for their well-being

Vynil records

Are you one of those who still appreciate the sound of a record? If so, you need to take good care of them. What better way to do it than by placing it in 45 – 60% humid unit?


Renting the storage unit that is going to meet your needs should be of utmost importance to you. A climate-controlled storage unit will allow you maximum personalization.

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