Common Airport Customs Questions

You should prepare for airport customs questions no matter why you organize traveling. There are common questions that people at the airport ask travelers. You should learn them and prepare answers. Most of them are obligated by law and connected with documents. Customs clearing agents in Bahrain will also ask you about the goods that you take with you.

Airport customs questions are different if you there only for traveling

If you have planned to travel, you should tell that to customs clearing agents. They know what is important to ask in those situations. On the other hand, you should organize yourself to provide all documents on time and fast. Otherwise, they could find you suspicious.

One of the first questions at the airport is about documents
  • Documents are very important when coming to the customs clearance you will need a passport but much more if the agent considers it necessary;
  • Shipping and logistic companies prepare their clients for items that are banned in the country where they travel into – you should inform about it before moving;
  • There are special airport customs questions that agents could ask you – it usually happens if you travel because of work or other special situations.

Purpose of your trip

It is a common airport customs question that you should prepare for. There are a lot of reasons why agents ask you that. it is much different if you travel for work or pleasure. Also, packaging companies should pack items in suitcases especially if you are only a tourist.

Where you will be staying

No matter what is the purpose of your trip, you should prepare to answer this question. You should sleep and stay somewhere. If you are moving to live in the country, you should reserve a hotel or find an apartment. Freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia prepare their clients for these questions, too.

Do you have anything to declare

Many people do not know what is banned in a new country and what is not. You should inform you about it before packing a suitcase. When an agent asks you this question, you should answer honestly and without hiding anything.

Passport and other small thigs in suitcase
Your suitcase is different when travel because of work and pleasure

Agents will ask you airport customs questions if you have planned to live in the country

Questions for the people who have planned to live in a new country are slightly different than for tourists. There are a lot of reasons for that. It is for sure that they will ask you for documents, but it is only the beginning. You should show a visa or working papers and maybe money that you bring with you.

How long you plan to stay

There are differences when you are a tourist or new citizen of the country where you travel. agents should know what is the real purpose of your trip. Also, answering this question, you show that your plans are clear and honest.

A person with laptop
Reserach all questions people at airport could ask you

What is your occupation?

It sounds like a tricky question, but Transportation Security Administration has put it on the list of airport customs questions for a reason. You will show that your future occupation is connected to a new country or not. On the other hand, you will show that you are employed, so have a job, and do not have plans to make frauds or immigrate to a new country.

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