Commonly used shipping containers

Almost everything we use in our daily lives has traveled across the seas. From good meals and drinks to the phones we use and the clothes we wear. The national shipping company of Saudi Arabia has a lot to tell you on this topic. Let us explore the world of freight shipping in more detail. So, what are the most commonly used shipping containers?

General introduction of commonly used shipping containers

Shipping containers are used for the safe storage and transport of goods. Personal possessions, as well as commercial cargo make their journey in them. For example, if you are moving, car shipping from Saudi Arabia can be arranged along with the rest of your belongings, in a single unit. Now, you will agree, that is convenient, above all. Further, there are different types and sizes of shipping units. This depends on the nature of the products for transport. There are many kinds to cover any business need. In this text, we will examine the top 3 shipping units with the most frequent use, in short:

  • Dry storage container
  • Insulated container
  • Tanks or tanktainers

And without further ado, let us review the most commonly used shipping containers.

Tank on a railroad
Tanktainers are essential for the transport of liquids

Dry storage – the most commonly used shipping container type

These are general purpose shipping units. Also, they are what comes to your mind when you hear the words shipping container. Usually, they serve for normal cargo, or dry materials shipment. They are fully enclosed. Also, they are very robust and designed to resist harsh weather conditions and even fires. You can rent one of these for commercial as well as residential cargo shipping. Similar in structure are high-cube containers. If you need a slightly bigger volume capacity than what dry storage units provide, this is a great solution.

Containers on platform
Dry storage containers are the most frequent shipping units in use

Insulated shipping containers

These containers are an integral part of cold chain logistics. Without them, it will be nearly impossible to ship many items. Insulated containers, or reefers, are suitable for the transport of sensitive materials and perishable goods. This includes fresh produce, frozen goods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Low temperatures help to transport fresh food and prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, it helps to maintain the composition of medicines. There are many ways to induce and maintain low temperatures. Those specifically depend on the exact type of goods inside the insulated shipping unit. Not only reefers are in common use, but they are an absolute necessity.

Tank containers or tanktainers

This is a cylindrical vessel, build of anti-corrosive material. Tanktainers transport food graded, as well as hazardous liquid materials in bulk. For example, flexitank can carry wines and fruit juices. ISO tanks are suitable for fuels or toxic substances. It all depends on the specific requirements of the goods and the type of tank container. It is one of the container types with the most frequent use in the shipping industry.

There are many more types of shipping units. Each has an important role in keeping adequate goods safe and suitable for our daily use. Above are mentioned the top 3. Without them, international trade will not be the same. They are among the shipping containers with the most common use. We hope you find this text useful. And we wish you good luck!

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