Costly international shipping mistakes to avoid

Have you decided on moving abroad? Then you already know that you must work on your moving logistics, pack like a pro, and hire one of the reliable moving companies in Jeddah. Or you are starting a business and you are in need of a proper shipping partner to send all the packages and goods to your customers? Whatever the reason is, you must know how the shipping world operates. So, let us cover the topic that concerns us the most. The common costly international shipping mistakes and how to avoid them. Let’s take a look.

Rules and regulations

Firstly, you must understand the rules and regulations under which your shipping companies in Dammam operate. Each company can have a unique set of rules and protocols but some of them are tied to the laws of the country they operate in. Also, there are rules everyone must follow such as cross-border delivery, international shipping, dealing with customs, etc. So, you should read online about the laws and regulations tied to the industry and ensure your shipping company is following them. Then, read the rules and regulations on your company’s website and ensure you understand everything. Failing to understand the legal side of things can result in a loss of time, money, and reputation.

A man reading about costly international shipping mistakes
Legalities are confusing and stressful. But you must understand it all to secure your investments.

Not understanding shipping times and rates is one of the costly international shipping mistakes

If you are new to international shipping, you might get lost in the time zone and all the fees and costs tied to it. Obviously, shipping internationally involves a network of logistics companies in Saudi Arabia, shippers, third-party logistic companies, vendors, and finally customers. Such a shipment will have several checkpoints and fees included. So, you must understand how the whole thing works and calculate all rates and fees before you ship your goods. Also, you must understand the time zones and ship/delivery times. If you are shipping your package across the globe, you must calculate both shipping and delivery times and convert them into the local time. Local time would be the time of the final delivery destination. Understand how this works and avoid delivering a package to your customer at 2 am.

Always choosing the cheapest option can be one of the costly international shipping mistakes

One of the common costly international shipping mistakes is always choosing the cheapest service. Free service and cheap stuff were always appealing to the customer. But this does not mean that your cargo will be safe. Simply because the cheapest prices and unrealistic offers are usually tied to scamming and fraudulent companies. If you compare shipping companies across the board you will realize that most of them keep similar prices across the board. And in the sea of choices, you will find a company that is way below the standard and offers incredibly low prices.

Piggy bank and a pile of coins
Avoid unrealistic prices. It might look appealing at the beginning but it will cost more in the end.

Do not fall for it because there is probably a catch and you will end up paying more eventually. Maybe you’ll pay more for the fees and taxes. Or you’ll end up with a broken package. Therefore, inspect many companies before you choose one. There is surely a legit company out there with competitive prices and better offers. You just need to browse a bit to find it instead of choosing the first one you stumble upon.

Insurance is important

Even if you secured your packages and chose the right shipping container, your items can still get damaged or lost. Losing a cargo is the worst-case scenario and we sincerely hope you won’t have to deal with this one. But if you are shipping packages regularly, you are bound to get one of the items damaged at some point. And if you are shipping extremely valuable packages, once is enough. So, to avoid unpleasant situations, you should consider purchasing shipping insurance. Yes, it will cost a bit extra but at least you know you will be compensated adequately in case of any damages or stolen/lost goods.

But before you purchase and sign for the insurance, you must understand how it works. You should check with your shipper which kind of coverage you are getting and consult with a legal body if necessary or if you do not understand it completely. Watch out for the loopholes and situations that might rob you of the coverage. Understand the document you are signing and have your cargo properly insured.

Track your shipment

There is a tracking number tied to each shipment. And you should use it to double-check where your shipment is. You want to know why? Ok, for example, you are shipping your car and you rented one of the car shipping containers. You are shipping an expensive cargo and you already paid for the service. Now, you want to know how it is handled and where is located at any given time. It is strongly advised to track your shipment. Especially if you are shipping valuable and unique items. Therefore, use the tracking number on your shipping company’s website and track your shipment. This way you will know if your shipment is on schedule and in case of a delay, you can act accordingly.

A woman using a laptop
You can track your shipment easily. You will know where it is located at any given time.

Packing is on you. Or is it?

Whoever is shipping the package is responsible for the way it is packed. Unless it is specified otherwise. But you must be careful here because it can be one of the costly international shipping mistakes you can make. So, to avoid misunderstandings, you should communicate this with your shipper beforehand. If you decide to take this responsibility you must pack your parcel in the right way. Of course, you’ll be using high-quality boxes, tapes, and labels. But if you decide on letting your shipper cover the packing process, then they are solely responsible for the state it is delivered in. Therefore, you must draw the line and decide who is taking care of this one.

We suggest that you should tuck your shipment in using a bit of blister pack and an appropriately sized box. Then, you should apply a few layers of tape and add a label to it. Once you are about to give your package in for shipping, you can request from your shipper to add an additional layer of protection and shipping labels. Costs for securing the package may vary between shipping companies so you should double-check before requesting it.

Now you know more about the costly international shipping mistakes and how to avoid them. As long as you get to know the rules, prices, and your shipper, you will be just fine. Hopefully, this guide will be enough for you to avoid rookie mistakes. Good luck.

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