Customs Clearance & Consultation

We take pride in saying that Four Winds is one of the few freight forwarding and logistics companies in KSA that owns and maintains our own customs license. We are one of the most trusted customs brokers in KSA that many of the country’s major industrial and economic projects did materialize and still are operating at present through our customs brokerage.

Whatever important aspect of Saudi society you look at now, chances are Four Winds has touched those areas. The electricity that lights your homes, the gas you use to cook your meals, the materials used in building your homes, the telephone you use to contact your loved ones and business partners, the medicines taken by your relatives to cure their illness… Four Winds was and still here to continue bridging the gap to have those products enjoyed by us today.

Four Winds’ own brokers are comprehensively trained in their respective areas and unique customs procedures to ensure that correct documentations are prepared well in advance to avoid expensive and time consuming delays. Along with that,   Four Winds provides customs consultancy for difficult consignments and to new local and foreign companies   who are establishing their business in the kingdom.

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