Dangerous & Perishable Cargo

Our team of experts, who are abreast with the latest IATA and IMO DGR Rules and Regulations, guarantee that your Dangerous and Perishable goods will arrive at the destination safely and approved by government authorities. Over the years, Four Winds have handled all types of hazardous materials and perishable cargoes that are existing in Saudi Arabia. As the premier packing company in KSA, Four Winds is able to provide IATA approved packaging materials that are compliant to prevailing international standards. Among the materials which have been handled by Four Winds include industrial chemicals, petroleum, paints and paint-related materials, internal combustions engines, biohazard materials, infectious substances, clinical trial materials, and various aircraft regulated substances and materials.

Likewise, Four Winds is instrumental in promoting the exports of the country’s non-petroleum related products, such as medicines, dates and processed meat products to the world. Over the years, Four Winds has been dispatching thousands of tons of these products to Europe, Asia and North America without any issue.

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