Different types of shipping containers

There are many different types of shipments and they require different types of shipping containers. For example, if you are shipping a car from Saudi Arabi to USA, you will need a good company that can provide an adequate shipping container. We will be explaining everything you need to know about this process so the transfer of your things can go smoothly and without problems.

How you should pick from all the types of shipping containers

It is obvious that you will pick a shipping container according to your needs. Keep in mind that you should probably consult your moving company when deciding, especially if you don’t have any experience regarding shipping containers.

Shipping cars-types of shipping containers
Depending on what you will be shipping, you will choose the adequate types of shipping containers!

Let us first explain the types of shipping containers

  1. Open top container– one of the most used types of shipping containers. It has a removable top so that belongings or materials of any height can be transferred.
  2. Refrigerated ISO containers – are used for shipping fruits and vegetables because they have a low temperature that is carefully regulated at all times.
  3. Tunnel container – container storage with doors on both ends to ensure fast loading and unloading.
  4. Tanks – used for transportation of liquids.
  5. Car carriers– are especially for shipping cars over long distances.
  6. Swap bodies
  7. Special purpose containers- they are custom made according to the material that is being shipped.
  8. Intermediate bulk shift containers – are made for intermediate shipping of goods.
  9. Drums– are smaller in size and are circular. Often used for the transportation of liquid materials.
  10. Half-height containers– used for coal, stones and other materials that need easy loading and unloading access.
  11. Cargo storage roll containers– they are foldable containers.
  12. Insulated or thermal containers- unlike refrigerated ISO containers, these can maintain a high temperature.
  13. Double doors container– the name speaks for itself. They have double doors providing wider space for loading and unloading.
  14. Open side storage– also provide wider space for loading and unloading.
  15. Flat rack container– they have sides that can be folded.
  16. Dry storage containers– are most commonly used. As the name states are used for shipping dry materials.
Shipping containers
You will need help when choosing your shipping containers.

How big are these shipping containers?

This is a very common question and if you have no experience with shipping containers there is no way you could know how big they are or what is each and every one of them used for. In regards to the sizes of the containers, here are some numbers that can interest you. A standard ISO shipping container is 8ft wide (2,43 m), 8.5 ft high (2.59 m) and has two possible lengths, the first is 20ft (6.06 m) and the second 40ft (12.2 m ). You can get an extra high container called a high-cube container that is available at 9.5 ft or 2.89 m of height. If none of these dimensions are what you need, call your company on time and discuss all the problems and questions you might have.

Consult your moving company about everything

Shipping containers can look very similar. If nothing, some of them can be of similar use. Companies know what containers are best for what kind of transfer, or shipping if you will. You could easily make a mistake when deciding because you have no experience with them. Trust your company to help you. It would be best if you consult us on time so all the arrangements can be made and everything can be done without any problems. Even if you do have some experience, it’s the job of the company to know all the little details and provide you with the information you seek.

The right company is the most important factor!

Information you should provide the company with

Your company must have access to almost all of the information regarding the shipment. Of course, this depends on the contract you have with us. This is important because the lack of information can lead to a badly organized shipment. Hiring a company to do your shipping includes all the information needed for a successful transfer. In order for us to help you, we must know everything there is to know about what is being shipped and to where so we can advise you on your choice of shipping containers, for example.

Remember that it is important to choose a good company to do your logistics. Especially if it includes something that must be done by a company with experience in the field. For example, if you need someone for clinical trial logistics, you must choose wisely.

How to label your shipments

Labeling is the most important step you take in order to protect your goods during the shipment. It may seem like it is boring but it is more than useful. This is just one more way to help the shipment go smoothly.

What you should include

  • Country and port of origin and destination
  • The weight of the shipment. You should include both kilograms and pounds
  • The size of the items. Remember to write the sizes in inches and in centimeters
  • Number of items

It is also important to watch out for common mistakes. If your goods are fragile or dangerous, they should be labeled as so. Put instructions such as ”fragile” or any other instruction that can show how your goods should be handled. If you skip this kind of labeling, someone can get hurt, or your goods can get damaged because you failed to label them as fragile. This adds up as one more information that must be emphasized.

One step left!

We have provided you with certain information we think you should know. Nevertheless, we will repeat it once more, the company you choose is the most important step and the first one you take. We will help you with every single detail regarding the organization of the shipment and the process itself, especially when choosing the types of shipping containers. We wish you, good luck!

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