Different ways to ship your kitchen appliances

If you have decided to ship your kitchen appliances, you are surely not the first one to face that decision. Many people choose to ship their kitchen appliances rather than simply buy new ones. Most of them consider that option much cheaper and more straightforward. However, like in any other moving endeavor, ask yourself whether you truly need them or not. Shipping your kitchen supplies can be much more expensive and more difficult than buying new ones.

  • Kitchen supplies are robust. And with a bunch of different types of them the job becomes much easier;
  • Do not forget that most of the things you have in your house are fragile and breakable;
  • You may think that when ship your kitchen appliances you save money since they are costly;
  • Even the moving is expensive itself, so consider spending the money on something cheaper, like buying new appliances instead;
  • In case that you broke anything of kitchen appliances you will have a double expense – sometimes spending more money at start is a smarter solution.

Considering all of these, you may decide to now ship your appliances with you. However, in case that you still have the plan on how to achieve that, take our advice in mind. If you want to ship your kitchen appliances safely, you should consult professionals before starting.

Kitchen spoons on the wall that proves that you do not need to ship your kitchen appliances
Do you really need all those kitchen spoons?

Deciding it is better to ship your kitchen appliances or not

The first step in this job should be deciding if and how to ship your kitchen appliances. You should take all problems in mind before deciding. Make the pros and cons list if it is needed. On the other hand, shipping of the kitchen appliances is much harder than taking boxes with wardrobe and small items with you. You can easily sell kitchen appliances or donate them. After answering those questions, you can make a final decision.

Moving overseas demands special preparation

When moving items overseas, you should prepare them for special traveling. Air cargo Bahrain services are essential and practical to have, but you should know the rules and legislation. Luckily, some professionals could help you with this serious job.

Compare prices of shipping and buying the new items

Like in any other moving, you should know which of these two decisions are more expensive. Also, prepare documentation for Bahrain customs clearance, especially for new items. If you have appliances that are under warranty, you should have special documentation, too.

Consider size and plug adaptor

That is the first thing you should know when moving overseas. Most international movers Jeddah will warn you about this on time. In any case, do not forget about the plug adaptors in a continent that you plan to visit. Maybe your kitchen appliances will not work there.

You can use the warehouse for the first time, too

There are no needs to make this decision immediately. Luckily, you can choose storage Saudi Arabia to save your kitchen appliances for the first time. You can put your appliances there and decide what to do after moving when rush and stress go. The good news is that you can move the whole container with the appliances overseas. In that case, choose a smaller mobile container.

There are so many small but fragile items in the kitchen

Packing is essential if you want to ship your kitchen appliances

Packing the kitchen appliances is not the same as in other moving. You should disassemble, pack in large boxes and take with you. In some cases, you will be needed to prepare special safety packages and extra protection. Luckily, moving companies have workers and tool that you will need. If you do this job alone, make sure that you know which equipment to prepare.

Prepare special packing material

You will need not only hard boxes, but tapes, wrapping papers and plastic for moving kitchen appliances. Also, prepare dolly and furniture sliders. Empty spaces between devices fill with the packing peanuts and paper (or newspapers). You can also take everything you have in your house, including blankets and towels.

Always fill the gaps between items in the boxes

Kitchen appliances are boxy, but usually, do not have flat and clean sides. You should fill gaps between them with everything you have, like towels and blankets. It will protect them from sliding, damaging, and punching during traveling.

Secure the boxes

It is vital to secure the bottom of the boxes since kitchen appliances are heavy. It is good to use additional cardboard for the bottom. Also, secure corners with special tape. Use tape for heavy items for that.

Warnings that you should pay attention to when shipping your kitchen appliances

Like in any other moving you should be extremely careful. Have in mind that some of them are electrical appliances, so you should protect yourself when disassembling. On the other hand, some of them could be expensive, or even rare, so damaging could be costly. Whatever you do, do not hesitate to consult professionals.

Prepare insurance for fragile items

Consider using an insurance

That will not save your kitchen appliances but could save you money. In case something happens with your items, insurance will pay instead of them. Numerous companies are specialized in this type of insurance.

Do not move electrical appliances under the warranty

Even the manufacturer will warn you on this on warranty paper. In case you take those items with you, and something happens, they will not refund money. That is especially important if you have dangerous electrical appliances. Also, before start with everything, inspect your home for potential hazards. It will save time and money and your life, too.

Disconnect and disassemble everything properly

You can ship your kitchen appliances safely only if you secure every part and device. It is easy if you have professionals help, but also you should take an obligation to preserve safety first. Before packing, remove all loose parts and disassemble everything you can. Wash and clean everything (do not forget to unplug from electricity). If you have planned to move fridge with you, unplug it and clean 24 hours before packing.

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