Fine Arts Logistics

We are the most trusted fine arts logistics company in Saudi Arabia. We had handled   a wide range of art works from homegrown artists to expensive masterpieces of world renowned artists, past and present.   Most of all, we have handled priceless art works and cultural artifacts of Saudi Arabia to showcase them before the world. We have taken the country’s cultural artifacts to prestigious museums and art galleries across the globe and back in a specialized packaging’s built by our own hands.

Many of the country’s foreign mission rely on us for handling their country’s art heritage in customs clearance, handling, unpacking, installation, re-packing, re-crating, re-export customs clearance and re-export to their home countries as well as to other destinations for another round of exhibitions, mostly on door-to-door basis.

Our partnership with the world’s leading fine art’s logistics and moving companies enable us offer the best service to handle sensitive and priceless work of arts that governments of the world rely on us as the logistics company of choice.

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