Forbidden items on international flights

Before you pack your bags, you should know what is allowed and what is not. Forbidden items on international flights will be taken from you at the airport. To avoid this situation, be prepared and pack only items that are allowed on flights. Before all that, you need to do research, and we can help you with researching and learning. Nowadays after just a couple of clicks on your computer, you get the full list of items that are not suitable for this kind of flight. People will end up packing them for various reasons. Sometimes it is because they didn’t know and sometimes because there was not enough time to organize. To help you out more just follow our simple guide.

It all begins with choosing your destination

Keep in mind where are you moving to. Each country is special and they have special rules, especially Muslim countries. Sometimes, items you think are ordinary, are not. So, it can be bad if you research a little bit and get all the right information. Different cultures have different traditions and you must know at least the most important parts of them. When you are going on vacation for just a couple of days, this mistake is easy to avoid. You will bring your essentials and have enough time when packing.

person packing toiletry bag as cosmetic products are one of the forbidden items on international flights
You must be careful when packing and make sure you check out the list on time

Pay special attention if you are moving to another country. In this case, you will pack almost the whole home. Furniture, clothing, kitchenware, etc. You will need the best and most reliable moving company in Jeddah, like Four Winds Saudi Arabia to handle all these items. Also, a moving company will give you a list of forbidden items for shipping and moving. Ask them before you start packing your boxes what is forbidden. Especially, paying attention to plants, animals, and/or hazardous items.

What are forbidden items on international flights?

As we mentioned before, we will help you with researching forbidden items on international flights. The majority of these items may never be on your list at all, but you never know what can happen on your journey. Moving is a wonderful process and represents a huge change and you can easily get distracted. Of course with the right moving services Saudi Arabia that is not so easy to happen, but you can never be too cautious. So, let’s start.

Banned items

These items you should not bring to the airport, never. It is banned and illegal. If you have some of these items with you, you will get in trouble with the police maybe even jail. So, do not pack explosives, guns, any type of weapon, flammable items, pressure containers, narcotics (cannabis or something else), poisons, radioactive materials, magnets, corrosives, oxidizers, and infectious materials. All these items are banned at any airport in the world. Yes, these items could be illegal but above all, they are extremely dangerous. The last thing the entire company needs is to risk the safety of all passengers and deal with panic in the middle of the flight.

cleaning products and tools
All chemicals are among the forbidden items on international flights

Restricted to checked bags

These items are forbidden from airplane cabins (and carry-on baggage too). It is not illegal such as previous items, but anyway you cannot pack it. Most of these items are pretty safe to be around outside the flight, but the very nature of flying changes everything. What’s interesting is that movers and packers Dammam will refuse to even relocate some of them. When these events are happening, safety is the number one priority no matter how insignificant it may seem.  For example, sporting goods, knives, paintball guns, tools, dry ice, etc. For more information, you should contact and ask your airline company.

Forbidden items in checked luggage

Some items are forbidden to pack in your checked luggage. On the other hand, there are items that you should have in your carry-on bag. When it comes to suitcases, you need to be careful when packing them as well. Even though your suitcase will not be close to you, it will still be on the plane the entire time. And since the flight will be long enough, there is a list of items you can pack there. For example, money, mobile or other personal electronic devices, passport and IDs, expensive jewelry, medications, keys, documents, etc. Everything that is very important to you, do not put in your luggage. 

If you are moving your moving companies Jubail can help you sort out your items way before you get to the airport. As long as you have the right assistance, this entire process will be more than easy.

What about liquids and gels?

International flights sometimes have similar rules that even local movers Saudi Arabia have! Have you ever seen people losing entire toiletry bags after stopping for an airport control? That is mostly because of small bottles containing liquid of any sort. Any liquids that have more than 100ml are forbidden on international flights. This includes all kinds of cosmetic products, water, and other types of liquid. The security will however let you keep the empty bottle if had water or some other drink in it. As soon as you board the plane you can re-fill it. Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, insulin for diabetes or any other medication with a prescription, baby formula, breast milk, etc. But, anything else that is not necessary, is forbidden.

tablets and phones on the table
You can bring chargers and phones but not the special devices from the list


There are many types of batteries. Some of them you can pack, and some of them you cannot. It depends on the type. You can have in your carry-on bag most types of batteries. For example, mobile batteries. But, batteries in checked luggage have additional restrictions and different rules. 

In your carry-on luggage, you can put AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volts batteries. Also, small lithium batteries are not forbidden to have in your carry-on luggage. When it comes to checked bags you can put the same batteries as in your carry-on luggage plus spare lithium batteries. For other types of batteries, you must ask the airline company to report them.

Electronic devices you can’t switch off

As weird as it sounds, there are some devices you can’t switch off, and when you are on any flight that is a huge issue. We are talking about wireless devices that still keep sending out signals even when you don’t use them. This could be your watch, headphones, or any other similar device. If you don’t know the answer to the greatest mystery of airplanes and switching off your phones, don’t worry, you are not the only one. The main reason for this rule is the signals our devices keep on sending and those can mix up airplane is trying to send or receive. The staff will inform you about this but you should know on time what to do.

Plates with meals
There will be plenty of food and drinks on your flight so there is no need to bring your own

Food and drinks

On international flights, you will have everything you need. Companies will make sure to provide amazing meals and tasty drinks to passengers and some of them are even better than at the restaurant. Even though this is because of your pleasure, it is also because you are not allowed to carry food and drinks with you. Companies have strict rules on this matter and no matter what happens, you will still have to get rid of everything before you board the plane. Fruits and vegetables are no exception as well.

Anything that is emitting odor

Just like in any other public transportation, you will not be alone. Making other people feel bad is not a nice thing to do especially if the flight is going to last sometime. Every single item that is emitting any kind of bad smell will have to be left behind. This includes flowers, cosmetic products, and anything similar. In situations like this, both parties can feel bad so it is much better if you avoid taking them with you in the first place.

Forbidden items in your hand baggage you didn’t know

The main reason why people have issues at the airport with forbidden items is that they didn’t check their hand baggage. This is where the majority of your items will be, but mistakes are so easy to make. You maybe thought that you can have anything with yourself on the plane, but it is not the case. Sometimes even the most ordinary items are forbidden on international flights. Probably you will be surprised what is prohibited once you take a look at the complete list!

  • If you are traveling camping or you are going to a music festival, do not carry your tent pegs with you in your hand luggage. If you pack them, they will get confiscated.
  • Do not pack in your hand luggage more than one cigarette lighter.
  • Other forbidden items on international flights are soups, water, mascara, etc.
  • Medicine is a thing you can pack, but only if you have a prescription from a doctor.
  • Peroxide is also forbidden. So, if you want to dye your hair, do it before your flight.
  • Some items are only forbidden on international flights. For example, protein powder, coffee, powdered milk, and spices are forbidden.
  • If you want to take a nut butter, it must be under 100ml.
  • Faux explosives and toy guns are forbidden items on international flights, even if they are not real.
  • You have been to France, and you want to take Brie cheese. Well, you cannot.
  • Drones are forbidden because of the batteries they use for work.
batteries as they are forbidden items on international flights
The majority of batteries are among the forbidden items on international flights

What to do in unexpected situations?

If you have kids you know that sometimes a lot of unexpected situations can happen. Your child could have been playing the other day and accidentally packed something in the bag you will take on the flight with you. If you realize this mistake on time, you can solve the issue on your own. If not, ask the security staff to help you out with those items.

And those who plan on moving should do their research way before they get on the plane. Logistics services Saudi Arabia can help you with this as well. As soon as you give them your inventory list, mention that you would like for that list to be double-checked. Upon inspecting it, they will tell you if everything is ok.

What is good to mention is that you shouldn’t panic if you accidentally pack something that is on the list of forbidden items on international flights. Just get rid of it before you get to the security check. You will avoid waiting for much longer and the confusion. 


Each airline company has rules you and the rest of the passengers must follow. It is much easier for you if you follow the rules. We hope that we helped you with these simple tips. Also, some of these rules are the same for an overseas move.

airplane in the air
You and the rest of the passengers should enjoy your flight to the fullest and feel safe on it

So, as you can see, there are many forbidden items on international flights. And, the best option is to ask the airline company or to check online. If you want to relocate, your moving company will tell you what is forbidden and what is not. Or, simply, ask them. A good moving company will explain to you everything about moving and packing. They can even offer you a warehouse Saudi Arabia and storage to have a safe place for everything. If you are traveling, do not make a hell of your vacation, and follow the rules.

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