General Industrial

There is no better fit for a professional logistics company than a dynamic manufacturers. That is
why we get excited to work with plants and manufacturers. We understand the demand of
operations and production, the time sensitivity of the export to customers’ process, and the drive
to stay competitive in the market.
We have many veterans who worked in the manufacturing industry and are eager to help you
become leaner and more profitable.

What can we offer for you:

  • Exemptions management and filing
  • Filing chemical and security permits for importation
  • Customs clearance
  • Inventory management and distribution
  • In-Kingdom and aboard consolidation centers (cross docking)
  • Air freight and sea freight solutions
  • Fix and return shipments (temporary export)
  • Purchase orders/supplier processing
  • Dangerous goods management and shipping
  • De- palletizing, Labelling and Packaging
  • Plant machinery crating and moving.

Case Study – General Industries

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