Guide to shipping dangerous goods

There are a few important things that you should know when shipping dangerous goods. First of all, you will need to learn how to label boxes and packages with those items. You should also know to pack them properly, so they will not damage. Finally, some countries and states demand to have special documentation about it. There are reasons why those rules are so strict.

  • Dangerous goods are dangerous for both those who ship and for other items in cargo – you should first protect it from damages in any circumstances;
  • In case you travel to long distance, you should know regulations when shipping dangerous goods is about – for the US is much easier since they have a special department for that;
  • Do not forget that hazardous items could hurt you or people who will transport them;
  • They can harm the environment, too – mostly if you take acid or poison;
  • Sometimes, shipping on time is paramount so that your goods will not spoil or break package – you should inform workers about it.

Luckily, there is a long list of steps that you should make before shipping dangerous goods. Since the government has made that list, you should get know them easier. Also, there are goods that you cannot ship in any circumstances. Those are mostly radioactive, poison, or harmful for environment items. Check if your goods are on that list, just in case. We are sure that customs clearance in Saudi Arabia will help you with this.

A tarantula does not belongs to shipping dangerous goods rules
You will surely not ship dangerous animals

What the legislation about shipping dangerous goods say?

Before any shipping of dangerous goods, you should check the law. Not only because of special documentation that you should have. You should also know if goods that you want to ship are on the list of forbidden items to ship. Also, you may be obligated to prepare special containers or packages for those items.

First, you need to define dangerous goods

It is not the same if you want to ship poison and a sharp knife. Knowing the origin and aggregate state when shipping dangerous goods is very important. Check if they are on the safety data sheet that the government has made. Since there are things that you must not ship in any circumstances, you will need to separate them from the rest of the package. So, make sure that you have adequately defined any liquid, acid, poison, corrosive or flammable things, etc. you take with you.

A flame
Estimate how dangerous your goods are

Learn about materials and effects

It is evident that you should know everything about the goods you want to ship. Not only how they look like and possible dangerous effect. You should know how they act in high or extremely low temperatures, for example. Learn how they affect the skin, body, or other materials. Also, learn how to neutralize them and avoid damages in those circumstances.

Always check regulations

Do never assume how some goods you can ship. Although you may think that some acid is not dangerous, every country has its own rules about that. Also, freight forwarding companies Saudi Arabia have their own rules about it. Check those rules whenever shipping dangerous goods.

Choose a responsible person

Whatever the way you ship dangerous goods is, you should name the person that will be responsible for it. That person should contact an attorney or shipping company if something goes wrong. It should know everything about the goods you ship, too.

Proper packing is crucial when shipping dangerous goods

You will surely care about the packages for your items in any circumstances. However, shipping hazardous goods presume steps that should protect you and workers. Luckily, professionals in companies know how to pack your items properly. You should pay attention to a few things, no matter how they professional are.

Pack securely

It should not be hard to know how to protect dangerous items in your package. You should also protect people who will care about them. Although there are a lot of packaging companies in Saudi Arabia, you should hire the most professional for this job. Choose those who are experienced the most in shipping dangerous goods.

Choose proper packages for shipping dangerous goods

It is not important only to have a large and safe box for this. You should have the right box that regulations demand. There are also important rules about the protection of those boxes. Sometimes you will be obligated to have materials that neutralize the effects of dangerous liquid, for example.

Labeling is very important

You should use special labels for this purpose. Warnings like “Hazardous” or “Dangerous” must be visible everywhere on the boxes. Also, make sure that you have chosen labels that are per the regulations.

A sign attention
Use labels to mark dangerous goods

Shipping of dangerous goods is the last step

Only if you have done everything above, you should ship dangerous goods. The law and rules about it are severe, and you should understand them. When shipping dangerous goods starts, you will not be able to change a lot. That is why it is important to prepare them for it properly.

Hire a skilled and educated person

It is very important to have contact with people who know their jobs. If you are willing to ship dangerous liquid or poison, the only skilled person will know how to help you. Do not hesitate to ask for the most professional person for this job.

Make a security plan

Logistics companies in Saudi Arabia surely know why is this important. They will also make a plan that should help you easily. However, you should have in mind all possible problems and what can go wrong when shipping dangerous goods.

Define how you will report possible incidents

Those things can happen, and you should prepare your team for it. However, it is crucial to define who will be in charge of reporting. In those circumstances, regulations define how that report should look like. That is why it is essential to hire a skilled and educated person for shipping dangerous goods.

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