A guide to pack your household in a week

Packing your place for a move is a daunting task and sometimes overwhelming experience. However, it’s something that can’t be avoided unless you hire professionals to take care of this task. Whether you decide to do this on your own or you hire a moving company to do it for you, it’s always useful to know how to pack properly. Because of this, we’ve prepared a guide on how to pack your household in a week or less. It’ll be useful for all of you who’re preparing to move and especially if you need to move in a hurry. Therefore, grab a piece of paper, a pen, and start taking notes because our guide is all you need for a successful relocation!

Is it possible to pack your household in a week?

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A lot of people are wondering whether they can pack their home in less than a week.

No matter how crazy this might sound, it is possible to pack your entire household in one week or less. However, this isn’t something we advise you to do if you don’t need to move in a hurry. If you have enough time to prepare your whole relocation, start doing it way ahead of time! Unfortunately, not all of us will have a month or two to organize the move.

Due to unexpected situations, we might need to relocate everything we own as soon as possible! And we can all agree that this isn’t a pleasant situation to be in. However, there’s no need to panic because we’ve got your back! The tips in our guide will help you organize the whole thing in seven days and have a hassle-free relocation even without getting relocation services in Saudi Arabia. So, yes, it’s possible to pack in a week. Now, let’s learn how to do this!

A step-by-step guide to packing household in a week

Whenever we need to deal with some big and complicated task, it’s always useful to split it into smaller tasks. This is why we’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to pack your household in a week. Follow these steps and you’ll pack everything with ease!

Get organized!

Whether you need to move in a hurry or you have a month till your relocation, having a moving plan and a schedule is of the utmost importance. You might think that it’s necessary to organize the move only when you need to pack for an international relocation, but that’s not the case. Even when you’re moving just a few blocks away, you’ll need to organize the whole thing. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Create a moving plan and a schedule. Write all of the tasks you’ll need to take care of before the big move. This way, you’ll be sure you won’t forget a single thing!
  • Create an inventory list. Since you’ll be packing in a hurry, you can do this while you pack. There’s no time to lose!
  • Gather enough packing supplies. There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have enough packing materials while you’re in the middle of the packing process! This is why you’ll want to gather everything before you start packing your belongings for the move.

    A coffee and a notebook to write how to pack your household in a week
    With a moving plan by your side, your relocation will be easier

Call in the troops

In order to pack fast, you’ll need all the help you can get. It would be best to get in touch with logistics Saudi Arabia and you’ll relocate with ease. However, you can also get in touch with your family and friends, even colleagues and ask them to help you pack for the move. Even if only one of your friends is available to help you, it’ll still count. So, make sure to notify everyone that you’ll be moving your home and ask the people in your surroundings to help you.

Sort through your belongings

Your goal will be to move as less stuff as you can. We’re sure that your home is filled with items you don’t use anymore or with items you haven’t use even once. Get rid of them! There’s no point in moving these things to your new home. You’ll only create a mess! Therefore, you should sort through your stuff before you move.

When doing this, you can create three piles. One for the stuff you’ll move to your new home, one for donation and one for the items that you’ll throw away. Keep in mind that items such as old clothes, toys, books should be donated if they aren’t damaged. If you have some of them, you can contact some of the charities based in Saudi Arabia and ask about donation centers near you.

Clasped hands
There’s no better feeling than helping someone in need.

Even if you have to pack your household in a week, pack the right way

As soon as you get rid of the items you don’t need, you’ll be ready to pack the rest of your stuff. However, you should do this the right way. Here are only some of the tips that’ll give you an idea of what means to pack properly.

  • Fragile items need to be handled with extra care. You need to use cushioning and wrapping materials to keep them safe. 
  • Big furniture needs to be disassembled before the relocation. This way, you’ll move it easier. 
  • Always pack one room at the time to avoid creating an additional mess in your home. 
  • As soon as you pack one room, clean it. 
  • Always label your moving boxes. This will make unpacking a piece of cake!

Know when is too much to handle

In case you don’t want to deal with all of this, keep in mind that there are lots of reliable packaging companies in Saudi Arabia that can lend you a hand during your move. Even though it’s possible to pack your household in a week on your own, professional movers will know how to pack everything in record time. Therefore, think whether you should hire a moving company or not. In case you decide to hire one, Four Winds Saudi Arabia will gladly be there to provide you with the best possible experience!

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