Hotel Logistics

As Four Winds headquarters in the western region we have been close since the beginning with the large hospitality industry in the holy cities of Makkah and Medinah. We know and understand the challenges the modern hospitality industry facing specially where real estate is very limited. We have developed a basket of services to help our friends in the industry streamline the supply chain and focus on their competitive advantages.

What can we offer for you:

  • Purchase order process from different suppliers and consolidation in-kingdom and abroad
  • Warehousing of all your room components in secured air conditioned warehousing designed and certified for furniture.
  • Access all your inventory online and make the delivery orders from your computer screen.
  • Delivery into your hotel with an experienced crew to unpack and install into the rooms directly crew includes a certified electrician to install chandelier and light fixtures.
  • Removal of all trash of the unpacking before leaving
  • Express international procurement via Four Winds customs compliance team and global partners.
  • Project management for new hotels including logistics study, customs compliance, and freight solutions.
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