Housing types in Saudi Arabia

Housing types in Saudi Arabia show how many this country has changed over the years. It is an excellent combination of tradition and modern life. They have made an effort to follow modern life and culture but respecting tradition and heritage. That is what movers in Riyadh know, and they will organize your moving in that way. Even 28.7 million people live in Saudi Arabia, and only 20 million are from Saudi Arabia. The rest are mostly workers, and they use local movers Saudi Arabia when moving after changing the job or in similar situations.

Heritage shows housing types in Saudi Arabia

If you want to see how traditional houses look like in Saudi Arabia, you should see the old houses that they have not renovated. Most of them are great for photographing but not for living. There are a lot of abandoned houses there, too. Following modern life, they have forgotten their old traditional homes. However, they show how Saudi Arabia has changed.

An example how housing types in Saudi Arabia look like
You will see houses with flat lines and edges in Saudi Arabia

Homes in Saudi Arabia have grown in the past decade

The past decade in Saudi Arabia is marked by rapid growth in many ways. That is why they tend to live in large houses and show that richness. Even though old houses have been made of stone and mud, modern companies now use better and cheaper materials. Some of them are imported from the US. You must coordinate with Riyadh custom clearance if you have a lot of furniture for moving. Or simply buy a new one. Even 60% of the land is with houses, while the rest of it is covered with land and trees.

Tradition is fascinating in Saudi Arabia, too

Their traditional houses are very interesting for tourists and new people. They worry about privacy in their houses and that you can see even in modern homes. People who make buildings have few conditions to fulfill.

  • Because of dry and warm air, they have to make houses with small windows;
  • Their climate presumes a lot of sun and wind, so housing types in Saudi Arabia try to provide comfort in accordance with the climate;
  • You will see that they want to provide water whenever they can, and their houses have sunk in the yard.

Packaging companies in Saudi Arabia will recommend you not to take a warm wardrobe when moving to this country. Also, they do not use much of the furniture in these houses.

Najd style of building

There is a particular type of architecture in Saudi Arabia called Najd style. It presumes boxy and small houses, divided into three parts. The first part is for visitors, the second one is the kitchen, and the third one is the private part where the family lives. Housing types in Saudi Arabia are defined by climate, so you will see houses that look like tents.

Housing types in Saudi Arabia show how rich people live

If you see luxurious houses in Saudi Arabia, you will see that rich people there literally live in paradise. Their homes are large, with big gardens, a lot of water (in pools and sinks) and have a lot of details. Thanks to the unique architecture, they are great for modern people, but also attract attention to tourists.

Rooftop apartment complexes

That is literally for the people that love to be like kings. Those houses are on the top of the buildings, large and luxurious, with glasses instead of walls. Not only that you will have a great view of these houses, but also a special level of privacy. Paradoxically, you will have it in spite of windows instead of walls because you are literally in the air.

A rooftop house
You inevitably feel like a king in one of those villas in the air

Penthouse villas as housing types in Saudi Arabia

Speaking about the roof and the view, you will be able to choose a little smaller and cheaper version of the rooftop apartment in Saudi Arabia. They are at the top of the buildings. Usually, they have two of apartments there, large enough to replace large villas that they have on the ground. Most of them have three bedrooms, and they are large.

Villas on the ground

For those that do not enjoy watching the city from the air, they have made villas on the ground. Most of them are more abundant than penthouses and have extensive gardens and parks. As we can see, people in Saudi Arabia love to have green in the houses, as a replacement for dessert that they are rounded with. Also, villas have high walls and fence and usually a small niche with water for visitors. You will not be able to go inside and see all the rooms, even when they invite you since they have protected their privacy.

Housing types in Saudi Arabia also show how poor people live

When we say poor, we mean on the middle class in Saudi Arabia. They have adjusted houses to their class and monthly income. However, they are not poor at all. For most of the western people, those houses are more than attractive and also larger than homes in Europe and the US.

Detached duplex

There are interesting houses in Saudi Arabia made of two parts. Even look simply, with a flat roof, they are not poor at all. Most of them have two or even three floors, luxury walls and doors, and decoration on them. The reason why they are made of two parts are compelling. They did not want to mix women and men, so they have separated enters. They have a reception, too. Made in majlis style, they are most traditional than every other type of houses.

Palaces are also one of the housing types in Saudi Arabia

You used to see palaces as great places where live rich people and members of the royal family. There are small differences between them and villas. However, villas are larger and more traditional, while palaces are modern, attractive, and sometimes even decorated with gold. However, they have made them mostly in Riyadh, while villas are more private and in small cities.

A garden with fountain
Every house in Saudi Arabia must have a spot with a water


If you have questioned where are simple flats and apartments for workers and visitors, you should see compounds. They mostly made them for foreign people and closer to western architecture. Although with a flat roof and edges, they are very large and attractive. Most of them include western facilities like gym or restaurants. If you look for the poorest and simplest housing types in Saudi Arabia, compounds will be like them. For foreigners that come in Saudi Arabia for the first time, it is good to inform where and how to find and rent one of the apartments in those houses.

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