How to adapt to a warmer climate after a relocation

Meteorological conditions have a great impact on health, and almost half of the world’s population suffers from the problems caused by the change of weather. Changes can include temperature and humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure, rain, and thunder, as well as the ionization effect. And if you just moved, you may be wondering how to adapt to a warmer climate after a relocation? Let us help you out with our tips!

How long does it take to adapt to a warmer climate after a relocation?

Once you relocate, your life may seem to change for the better. You had a great experience finding the right moving companies in Jeddah and settling in. But how to adapt to a warmer climate after a relocation? And how long does it take?

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if you just moved, you may be wondering how to adapt to a warmer climate after a relocation?

The connection between the change of time and human health was noticed by Hippocrates. He noticed that the climate, ie. weather changes, positively or negatively affect people, which depends on the environment in which a person lives, his adjustment, psycho-physical and health condition, age, etc. All this leads to a multidisciplinary approach when dealing with this topic.

What do studies say?

Relocation is stressful in its nature. From finding the right relocation services to adapting to a new environment. And changing the climate can additionally impact your move. A French study, which followed 3,000 respondents for 14 years, showed that strokes are less common during warm days, but when the air pressure is high and the humidity is higher, the risk of stroke is increased.

During the summer period, the pressure value is lower, and warm weather brings more sweating, lighter food, so the pressure values are lower. All this shows that changes in the weather really affect our body and we should not ignore these effects on our health. Of course, all this is much more present in sensitive people and all chronic patients. Group of patients can include both cardiovascular and gastroenterological, rheumatological, and especially in psychiatric patients, who have a much harder time withstanding these sudden changes in the weather.

How warmer climate can impact your health

The most common psychological symptoms are fatigue, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration, lethargy, irritability, and insomnia. Physically, there are headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness, rheumatic ailments, and muscle aches. In worst cases, a sudden change in the weather causes a higher frequency of heart attacks and strokes, colds, inflammation of the respiratory organs and asthma attacks in the elderly and chronic cardiovascular patients. That’s why you should learn how to adapt to climate changes.

You should rest as much as possible and avoid mental and physical exertion once you relocate.

What can you do?

You should rest as much as possible and avoid mental and physical exertion once you relocate. Once you finish with all logistics services international you can start to keep track of your health. Firstly, it is necessary to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible in order for the body to be cleansed of toxins and supplied with useful substances. In the case of sleep disorders, you should not eat large meals before going to bed.

Who reacts the most?

Everyone reacts to climate oscillations, to a greater or lesser extent, but they are the most difficult for chronic patients. With this, meteoropathic problems are more noticeable in menopausal women as well. The humidity of the air affects asthmatics, high air pressure affects hypertensives, and cold and windy weather affects heart patients.

With this, relatively healthy people often do not know how to say why they have problems. Research has shown that meteoropathy most often affects children under the age of fifteen and people over the age of fifty. The younger population are sensitive to changes because they follow instincts more than others and react to the effects of electromagnetic waves. On the other side, older people have a more sensitive metabolism, which reacts more strongly to hormonal changes caused by changes.

Here are some tips to help you out

Have enough sleep. A tired person is more sensitive to everything, even to changes in the weather. That is why healthy sleep is very important for our body. In sleep, substances are secreted that lower the level of stress hormones, regulate blood pressure, and strengthen all defense mechanisms. During the day, rest and relax more often.

Be active. In the long run, regular physical activity strengthens the body and helps it to withstand various efforts and changes, even weather. That is why it is important to exercise continuously, at least three times a week. Spend some time in the fresh air every day because it is a great way to prevent intense reactions to changes in the weather.

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Meteoropathic problems are more noticeable in menopausal women as well.

Take regular hot and cold showers, especially for people with low blood pressure.

Have a healthy intake of vitamins as possible. To make it easier to withstand temperature oscillations, switch to light foods, and reduce the use of salt and spices or completely eliminate them from use. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible and drink enough fluids.

If you stay out of the house for a long time during the day, dress in layers, taking care that the clothes are made of natural materials and adapted for the colder and warmer part of the day.

Don’t leave the house in the middle of the day. Try going out in the early morning and late evening when the air temperatures are lower.

If you have a chronic illness, avoid the possibility of stress, and strictly adhere to the prescribed therapy. If the disturbances you feel last longer and intensify, consult a doctor.

Follow the weather forecast and act in accordance with the instructions. If you need to move, contact us for a free moving estimate.

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