How to Calculate Air Freight Rates

Air freight rates are very complicated for calculating. There are many reasons for that. First of all, you should know the legislation. Besides that, many conditions affect that price. Although you can use simple calculators for that, try to calculate on your own. Make sure that there are few things that you should take in mind.

  • The most important for calculating air freight rates is the weight of the item you want to ship;
  • However, the size also effect on the price, since sometimes larger item takes more space than heavier, and that change the price;
  • Destination of the things you want to ship is also essential, so the final price express the miles to go;
  • It is always better to hire professionals for this, and relocation services in Saudi Arabia could be expensive depending on the conditions you will need;
  • The price will change if you need to follow special legislation for shipping of your items.

However, the most important for calculation air freight rates is how heavy your items are. It is almost a standard that companies use for calculating. However, it is not as vital as gross weight, but it is the first that we pay attention to. Air companies use a special volume or dimensional weight for calculating. It is 366 cubic inches per kilogram or 166 cubic inches per pound. If you like centimeters more, it is 6000 cubic centimeters per kilogram. This formula uses air companies as a base for calculating air rates.

A plane cargo
You should calculate volume weight to know air freight rates

Conditions that affect the air freight rates

Starting with volume weight, air companies make space for calculations that will affect the final air freight rates. It is evident that you cannot use only the weight of your items to calculate the price. You should know that companies charge every service they offer when shipping. Those could be a special container of packages or even protection in special circumstances.

Consider using containers

If your cargo has a high value or it is a fragile item, you may consider using a container. They come in different sizes so that you can choose the best option for you. Cargo transportation in Saudi Arabia will surely help you to make the best choice. It is a great option to gather more small items in one place. They also protect everything in the container.

Ask shipping company

Usually, the simplest way is to ask. Air cargo Jeddah could calculate air freight rates easily when they know all conditions. Do not avoid to ask them for prices and calculations about your particular cargo. Finally, their experience worth a lot.

Smaller is not cheaper

Although the air freight rates firstly depend on the weight, do not forget that sometimes smaller items worth more. If your cargo has high value, they will charge more for shipping. Obviously, protection and insurance affect the price.

You may need a special certificate

Usually, air companies ask certificates and documentation that are in accordance with the legislation. However, if you will need special documentation, like a phytosanitary certificate, they will charge more. You may decrease that price in case you prepare that document on your own.


There is a straightforward system that companies use when calculating air freight rates. It is established as a standard, and companies over the world use them. However, it is not harmful if you ask your moving company for advice. There are circumstances when these rates rise in accordance with special conditions.

Learn to calculate air freight rates

Although seems as very hard for understanding, you should calculate freight rate very easy. Logically, you should know the size your cargo first. Calculate the volume of it with simple math formula (height x length x width). Express the volume in cubic inches. Divide that number by 166 for volume in pounds or by 366 for kilograms. Now you have a volume weight of the cargo. The second step is to calculate the surface that your cargo will take in the plane. The standard calculation is that you will need 1,26 cubic meters fittin on a pallet of 210 kilograms.

A girl calculating air freight rates
Calculating air freight rates look hard at first glance

Other conditions that may affect the final air freight rates

Like we mentioned the unique conditions that you may have, we should point out that you must inform the moving company about special circumstances you may need. Sometimes you will need for your items to be shipped on time. In other occasions, you may need a special package. That is why the final price always depends on the company that ships your items.

Air companies will calculate the preparation of your documentation, too

Do not forget that people who work in air companies work for a salary, too. So they will prepare documentation but also charge that service. The price raises if they need to do it quickly and avoiding standard dates and deadlines.

Time of shipping affect air freight rates

Obviously, they will need to charge you if you want your cargo delivered on time. In cases when you are in a hurry, the air company will extra charge you. This is justifiably allowed since they will need to make a space for your cargo in last moment.

International shipping raise air freight rates

Miles that your goods will fly effect the final price. However, do not forget that every service becomes expensive when moving internationally. Air companies also must prepare documentation for your items or make sure that your items will come on time.

Depending on your cargo, you will know the air freight rates

Manipulating on the airport

Do not forget that your items somebody must bring to the airplane. Also, workers must take care of them in some circumstances. If you have fragile or items that have high value, you must prepare yourself for higher prices. Moving companies in Bahrain are ready for different situations, but that costs more.

Insurance risk

You will prepare the proper documentation and pay insurance. It must be the first step in every moving. However, the final air freight rates depend on insurance risk that your cargo has. You may not be aware of the possible damages or loss that you can have. However, the air company will charge more if they estimate that payment rate in cases of damages is very high.

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