How To Choose A Car Shipping Company

People usually don’t think about car shipping companies until they need to ship a car. And once you discover this amazing service, of course, you’d want to pick the best company available. Once you start researching you are bound to realize that there are countless companies to choose from. So, how to choose a car shipping company? You want someone you can trust to take good care of your vehicle. Today, we at Four Winds Saudi Arabi a national shipping company of Saudi Arabia would like to share some of our tips on how to choose the right people for your car shipment. Let’s take a look.

Researching companies

First of all, during your research, we’d recommend making a list of services you need. Decide on the car shipping services you need for your shipment and try to find some of the local companies that offer them. Once you find a few companies that fit your criteria, you can jot them down and start further research. Obviously, it’s a waste of time to contact companies that don’t offer all of the services you need. So, once you have a good list of companies that fit your needs, it’s time to contact them.

A black Audi
People usually don’t think about car shipping companies until they need to ship a car.

What are some of the different services you can come across? For example, you can choose between enclosed auto transport or open auto transport. If you choose enclosed, you’re choosing a safer option for your car, but this option is a bit more costly. On the other hand, if you decide to ship your car in open car transport, although it’s cheaper, it’s not very safe. Maybe you have a pretty old car you’re planning to change soon, then an open auto transport is perfect for you. Even if certain damages do happen, you’ll be getting a new vehicle very soon.

Some of the other services include:

  • terminal-to-terminal service
  • door-to-door service
  • crossing international borders

and many more! Just really take the time to look through all of the different services and decide on the ones that fit all of your needs. Maybe you are just fine with getting your car shipped and then driving it home on your own. Or, maybe you’d prefer if the car shipping company would take care of everything for you. Shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price can vary a lot in accordance to the services you choose. So, look at all of your options!

A man using a computer
Conduct thorough research before you decide which services you need.

Read online reviews

Customer ratings and reviews on the company’s site can show you a bit about customer satisfaction. Be sure to read through a lot of the reviews and keep your eyes open. Often, many companies have fake reviews in the midst of the real ones. You can easily pinpoint real reviews! They tend to be shorter and more straightforward. If you see someone writing a review with their entire history and thoughts on each aspect of the shipment, chances are it’s a fake review. Look at the star rating as well! Also, if a shipping company only has amazing reviews, you can assume they are fake. Each real company will have at least a few negative reviews, not everyone will always have the perfect shipping and moving experience.

If you’re moving due to your company relocating you, maybe some of your colleagues have already shipped their cars. Generally, when hiring any kind of service, it’s a good idea to consult people who’ve been through it. The best recommendations are always through word of mouth! Who knows? You might at least find out which companies to avoid due to someone’s bad experience. Also, what you might not know is that you can hire international movers and packers in Riyadh! These professionals can take care of your car as well as some other items you might need to ship. And not only that, but they can help you pack up your home for your relocation in record time. Professionals have done this a million times before and they know exactly how to handle it!

Another amazing thing you can do is to make sure your company is checking the FMCSA website. All registered and licensed shipping and moving companies will be listed on this site. If the company you were considering isn’t on the website, you can consider it a scam!

Wire transfers aren’t acceptable

Next on our list of how to choose a car shipping company is that you should never settle for someone asking for a wire transfer payment. Every licensed, registered, and legit company will ask you for a check or to pay using a credit card. If the company insists on you paying via wire transfer, you can rest assured that this company is completely untrustworthy. Your car might end up God knows where, or you could end up paying and this company never contacting you again.

If a company offers both wire transfers and other kinds of payment, they are most likely legit. It’s only when the company insists on you paying via wire transfer that you should worry. You can always contact logistics Saudi Arabia for some additional help or more information about the shipment of your car and other items.

A man holding a credit card in front of the computer
Legit shipping companies will ask for credit cards for payment!

Always ask for insurance

The last bit of advice we have is to always ask for insurance. If your personal car insurance doesn’t cover car shipment damages, it’s necessary to ask the shipping company to provide this insurance. If you were to do business with a company that doesn’t offer insurance, you’re in for a wild ride if anything were to happen to your car. Now that you know how to choose a car shipping company, go and do your research! Don’t settle for a company until you’re completely sold on it.

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