How to cope with the biggest expat problems

Being an expat is never easy. Living in a country that is not yours is always challenging. But, on the other hand, you have to learn to deal with it. Even coping with the biggest expat problems is challenging. So, before you decide to hire a relocation company in Saudi Arabia, try to prepare yourself. Many people are depressed after moving. Try to avoid it because it is one of the biggest problems. Even if you think it is not.

Europe map.
Living in a foreign country is a beautiful experience, but it has problems too.

The biggest expat problems and their solutions

It is important to know how to cope with the biggest expat problems and obstacles. It is easier when you have a little help. Being prepared is one of the best ways to deal with problems. Especially when you know what to expect when relocating internationally. If you are moving with your family, prepare them to and stick together. It will be hard for kids too, not only for you. Adjusting is a big problem for most expats. It is important not to panic and to be persistent.

Moving process is the first expat problem

The first step is relocation. It is not easy to have a long-distance move and to prepare all the required documents. You must be prepared for the first few months in that new country. If you are able to visit a country before the final relocation, we highly recommend you do that. Use social networks to connect with other expats in that country. Their experience is very useful.

Getting a visa is the first biggest expat problems.
Preparing all documents is a long process.

Healthcare in a new country

A healthcare system is not the same in every country. Do research about their healthcare system. Are there any health hazards and what are the differences between healthcare for expats and the citizens? If there are different types of healthcare, what type you will choose for you and your family?

Having no friends and family near

Social life is very important for every human. Most expats are lonely and that is one of the biggest expat problems. Making new friends and living without a family is very difficult. So, be open to try new things and learn to say yes. If your coworkers are going to lunch, go with them or invite them to your new home. Meet your neighbors and ask them where the best grocery shops are, etc. Just start a conversation. Remember – loneliness is always a bigger problem than money or not speaking the language.

Learning a new language

To learn a new language faster, just try to speak it as much as you can. Read books, magazines, newspapers, talk with people. Most expats have a problem with learning a new language, but it is a temporary problem. Start with learning it before searching for relocation services Saudi Arabia. Take a course and learn the basics. After moving, you will take it to another level.

A screenshot of a google translate.
Learn a new language fast, so you will meet new people and you will not be lonely.

Education for your kids

If kids are moving with you, then they must go to school which is not an easy change. New friends, education system, language, etc. Finding a good education and school for your kids is hard. Mostly, schools for expats are expensive and there is a limit on how much students can enroll. Foreign kids can go to a local school. It will be more difficult for them, but it has good sides too. They will learn the language faster and they will have the whole experience.

A new tradition, culture, and food

Each state has its own history, tradition, and food. Some cuisines are very popular, so you will not have a problem eating it if you had it before. For example, Italian cuisine is very popular, and you are probably familiar with pizza and pasta. Cultural shook can be a problem. If you are moving to Muslim countries, especially then. Try to learn about their tradition and culture and be prepared. For example, something may be illegal like drinking alcohol.

Expat problems with a new job

Working abroad is very difficult, especially at the beginning when you do not know anybody. Life as an expat has both sides, good and bad too. It is a big opportunity and a new experience for your career life. But, adjusting to a new life in a different state, is challenging. If you are moving with your partner abroad to get a new job, it will be a little bit easier because you will not be alone. But, in most cases, only one partner gets a job and the second will wait.

Career problems in a new country

Be prepared to have issues and difficulties. The best option is to already have a job before moving. If you do not have a job, start with searching right after moving.

  • Career concerns the biggest expat problems are about job and career. Even when an expat has a job. There are many concerns. For example, what is the job is not good, how to adjust, etc. So, research the market, rights, expectations before moving. Use social networks for expats and share experiences. Be connected to professionals who live there.
  • New budget and incomes – your incomes will be different from before. Maybe bigger but maybe smaller. Some expats are saying YES to the job they would not do in their country just to make money. Even then, use that opportunity to meet a lot of people. Make sure they remember you. Always do the best of you, because wherever you move, hard work is valuable.
  • Different language and work – Learning a new language is not a big problem, but when you have to learn new terms on that new language and to speak with your colleagues it might be a problem. Maybe there will be a time when you will not understand what they are asking you. But, you can solve that problem during the time. Try to speak a new language as much as you can. Meanwhile, tell your coworkers to speak slowly.

You cannot solve the biggest expat problems if you are not prepared. You will be stressed out, depressed, etc. So, researching and working on your social life abroad is one of the best options.

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