How to disassemble and pack a dining room table

Moving can be rather expensive and it’s natural that you want to try and save money. One way to do it is to pack your own stuff. Some items are easy to pack, some a bit more difficult, while you should let professionals handle the most expensive ones. You won’t end up saving money if you pack fragile items incorrectly and they get damaged during the move. There are professional packaging companies in Saudi Arabia that can guarantee your possessions arrive safely. For the harder-to-pack, but manageable items, you will need some advice. Here is a short guide that will teach you how to disassemble and pack a dining room table, making sure it arrives safely to your new home.

Before Disassembling 

You should first think hard whether disassembling is needed at all. The cost of your move will not just depend on the size of your items, but the weight, too. Obviously, you don’t lose weight when you break bulky furniture into smaller pieces. Think about selling the items before the move and buying new ones once you arrive. Often, buying new furniture ends up costing less or is minimally more expensive. If nothing else, you will save time and energy. In case you definitely want to take your stuff with you, here is how you can disassemble it.

Man sitting at table.
Instead of taking the time to disassemble and pack a dining room table, consider selling it and getting a new one.

Disassembling Your Dining Room Table

Without seeing your specific table, we can’t be 100% positive on the exact steps you should take. However, the way to disassemble and pack a dining room table is generally the same for all of them. If you can, find the instruction manual to see the order it needs to be taken apart in. In case you can’t, it’s not that big of a problem. The table is held together by screws, bolts, and nuts, so get the appropriate wrenches and screwdrivers to remove them. A hammer will come in handy, too. A table that is glued or nailed together should not be disassembled unless it is truly necessary. 

Now we can get to work. Remove the top/panels first (the glass or marble top that is not attached to the construction itself) and safely put it to the side. Next, turn the table around and remove the legs. This should not be too difficult – just unscrew the nuts and bolts. Most legs will have at least two. Once you remove the legs, put the bolts back in the same holes, so you don’t lose them later. The last part (if your table has them) are the extension leaves. They are also held together with a few nuts, so simply remove them. Now, we’re done so we can get on to packing. Your local movers in Jeddah can provide the supplies you need or you can get it yourself.

Packing a Dining Room Table

When you wish to disassemble and pack a dining room table, the packing is the easy part. Get some boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, and blankets. For the wooden parts, there are two things you need to keep in mind – don’t wrap directly in plastic and make sure you cover the edges. The plastic keeps the moisture in and can damage the wood. Wrap them in blankets, secure it with duct tape, and put a layer of bubble wrap. Place them in the boxes you have and you’re good to go. Once again, make sure the edges are covered – they are the easiest to damage.

How to disassemble and pack a dining room table.
Don’t wrap wooden items directly with plastic.

Glass panels are tricky and can shatter easily. Be very careful when handling them. Delicately wrap them in a blanket and secure a layer of bubble wrap on top. The box you put them in should not allow them to move. Shake the box and check for movement. If you hear anything, change the box. In case there is no movement, you’re safe. Once you are done packing, professional relocation companies in Jeddah will get your table where you want it to be. Good luck with the move!

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