How to handle cargo claims

People are working with cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia all the time. It is an essential step in delivering goods all over the world. Customers all over the globe are extremely satisfied with the service and many businesses won’t be able to operate at all if there were no cargo shipments. But like in any business, there are always chances for damages and lost possessions. Luckily, you can handle cargo claims easily if you know all the steps to do it right. And today, we will explain the whole process inside out. Let’s take a look.

Handle cargo claims by evaluating the damage first

There are several situations where you must act quickly. There are damage claims, shortage, loss, and concealed shipment. Or should we say, stolen good? Nevertheless, all those situations are worth taking a shot at the cargo claim. But you must evaluate and assess the situation first. Depending on the nature of the goods, you will firstly save what can be saved. Presumably, you will not be on-site when this happens so for this step the responsibility falls onto the shipping company. And do not worry, they already have someone on-site appointed to evaluate and note down the extend of the damage. Or there is an insurance personal taking care of it. So, once your goods are evaluated and sorted out, you will be presented with the damage report. From there you will move on to the next step and gather all the documentation to file a claim.

a guy noting down the inventory
Someone must evaluate the damage as soon as possible. Without the damage report, you can’t make cargo claims.

You should know that this can happen to everyone. People move homes using shipping containers and most of the time there is nothing wrong with the shipment. The worst-case scenario can be a broken plate or two. But before you start moving and ship your content, check relocation services Saudi Arabia and use the safest moving solution they offer.

Gather all documents needed to file a claim

To handle cargo claims properly, you must possess all related documents. Check out the list of the mandatory ones:

  • Bill of lading.
  • Invoice.
  • Loading report and a claim letter.
  • Photographs of damages.
  • List of content and its value.

This is all you need to file a damage cargo claim. Without a single document, you can be rejected. Therefore, gather everything quickly and if you do not know how to handle this step, consult with a legal body. Contact your insurance company and they can provide a lot of info regarding this topic.

Handle cargo claims by submitting a request correctly

Force majeure is something you can’t prevent. No matter if you are using air freight to Saudi Arabia or shipping by sea. And most of the damages and mishaps happen because of a human factor. Regardless of the situation, if you have insurance, you’ll be covered for all scenarios we mentioned. But something you can prevent is submitting your request wrongly. If you do not file a proper request, you will lose the opportunity to make claims in the first place. Therefore, follow the full guide on how to submit a proper form. You can find it on the Department of Transportation website. Although, if you delay submitting the request, you should know that you have from 30 days up to 9 months to communicate this with your shipping company. Of course, all companies have different policies so check this out first.

handle cargo claims by submitting the right forms on time
You must submit all requests and form correctly and on time.

Think about the shipping provider you are dealing with

You won’t have to handle cargo claims at all if you are dealing with a reliable shipping and moving company. As we said before, environmental influence is no one’s fault and it will be reimbursed by the insurance company. All other causes can be prevented if your company is following all the safety rules and regulations. Also, they must use proper equipment and communicate all the details clearly. If you have a healthy relationship with your business associates you will never have to think about this topic.

This is especially important if the nature of your business is delicate. For example, if you are shipping medicine or food. You must use cold chain services but also you must be sure your company knows how to handle the equipment and execute the task ahead. All in all, inspect your company before hiring them and if possible, obtain referrals. Secure your investment.

Ok, now you know how to handle cargo claims. It is a delicate matter and you must follow all the steps we explained if you want to have positive feedback. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to handle this topic correctly. Good luck and stay safe.

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