How to pack and move valuable items

Moving require a lot of decision making and thinking. It raises a lot of doubts and questions. A very important one is how to pack and move valuable items in the safest way possible. All of your belongings require proper handling, but there are always those that need a more delicate touch. When you have such items to move, it is a challenge of its own, but with a few tricks and tips and some professional logistical assistance, you can manage it just fine.

Make a list and pictures of your valuables

When you need to pack and move valuable items, it is always a good idea to list and take photos of them.  Whether is an art collection, antiques, jewelry or a piece of the family heritage. That seems like a tedious task, but the one that will ensure their safety.

Especially for big and bulky valuables that you can’t bring with you and have to be handled by your movers. First of all, make a list of such items. The next step is to photograph them in their current condition. That way, you will have proof in the case that any of them get damaged during the move. And if you have any documentation about your valuables (warranties, bills, receipts, certificates of authenticity) keep them by your side with other documentation during the move.

Talk to your movers about transporting the valuable items

When you have a big art collection or plenty of antique furniture, you will have to move it with other households. Still, you have to notice your moving company of such items. Your movers need to know what they are dealing with in order to pack and move valuable items in the proper manner. Those items require more attention, and expertise. Also, moving the valuables can up your moving costs, since the liability is higher. It is best to know up front about the rates of moving such items than to be surprised when the bill arrives.

If you are moving long distance or abroad, make sure to check if your valuables have the right customs clearance for such items. This is something that moving companies in Saudi Arabia can also assist you with.

When you pack and move valuable items make sure that they have custom clearance.
Some countries have strict laws about transporting very valuable items and special custom rates, so it’s better to check that before you ship your goods.

Purchase the insurance for your valuable items

By purchasing the right moving insurance, it will give you a piece of your mind while your items are on the road. Your current home insurance policy probably doesn’t cover relocation of the valuables from one home to another, but you lose nothing by calling your insurance company to ask about it. Your insurance agent can advise you should you buy extra insurance and help you get the additional coverage for your expensive items, if necessary.

Buying the additional insurance policy for your valuable items will give you full value protection of such pieces. That way, you can pack and move your valuable items without the worries that you won’t get any compensation if something happens to them.

Get proper and quality packing supplies

If you are packing your valuables on your own, you should be extremely careful. It will determine whether they remain in one piece during the household move or not. Another important thing is the packing supplies that you are using. The more quality packing materials you are using, the safer your belongings will be.

 Here are some packing supplies that you will need to pack and move valuable items:

  • Boxes – When packing valuables, the best thing is to have original packaging. If you don’t, the next best things are the new, sturdy boxes. In any case, be sure that you use a second-hand container. That will ensure the durability of the box bottom and keep it dry. If you have valuable paintings, think about getting the wooden crating. It will protect them better than the regular cardboard boxes.
  • Packing paper – While newspaper is a great wrapping paper, you shouldn’t use it on your valuables. The print can transfer on the item, and ruin your item. Purchase clean, soft white packing paper which you can use as an initial protective layer.
  • Blister pack – Plastic wrapping with bubbles that poop is your best ally when you need to pack and move valuable items. It’s not expensive and it will keep your belongings tucked in safely. Use it abundantly – wrap each item in several layers.
When you pack and move valuable items always use the plastic wrapping.
The plastic wrapping will ensure the safety of your valuables.

Pack and move your valuable items safely

If you follow these tips, it will keep your valuable items protected and safe during the transportation to your new home.

  • Extra protection – Triple tape the bottoms of all cardboard boxes with high-quality packing tape. If you think that’s not enough – tape more layers.
  • Panel the boxes – Put the blister pack wrapping on the bottom of each packing box. That will prevent items to move and endure any shocks during the transport.
  • Protect the paintings – The best way o protect your precious paintings is to use special picture boxes that will fit the frame of the paintings. If that isn’t a possibility, then make your own frame by cutting the cardboard and shaping it. Before you put it in the box, layer the painting with a lot of protective packing paper and plastic wrapping.
  • Jewelry – The best protection for moving these items is to use jewelry boxes. If you don’t have them, then it’s time to be creative. Drinking straws and empty toilet paper rolls can be very handy in protecting your necklaces and bracelets. Pack your earrings into pill organizers, and put your rings into hard sunglasses cases.
Pack and move your valuable items in a jewelry box.
Although the original jewelry box is the best way to protect your valuables, it’s not the only one.

Keep your small valuables with you during the move

If you are traveling with movers then you don’t have to worry about your valuable items, since they won’t leave your site. Still, that is the option that few movers offer. In most cases, you will have to make travel arrangements for your new home on your own.

While the big valuable items can’t travel with you, the smaller ones should always be in your reach. Jewelry, medals, expensive cutlery and important documents you should pack in the bag with your essentials. When you are traveling with your valuables, always keep them hidden and never leave them in plain sight.

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