How to pack bulky coats and jackets

When talking about packing, many people focus on packing furniture, large appliances, or fragile items. It seems like packing clothes, especially coats and jackets, do not have enough attention as they require. People usually take it for granted and think that they will pack their clothes easily. However, things can go wrong, and the packing can last more than necessary. To avoid unnecessary problems such as ripping out or damaging, use some packing tips and tricks. Based on years of experience, our packers and movers in Saudi Arabia prepared a guide on how to pack bulky coats and jackets. With this simple guide, you’ll pack your clothes efficiently without spending much time.

Decide what clothes to move to your new home in the first place

Before you start thinking about how to pack bulky winter coats and jackets for moving, you need to decide whether you need to move them or not. For example, if you are planning your relocation to Saudi Arabia, you should declutter your winter garments since winters in Saudi Arabia are moderate. However, no matter where you are moving to, sort out the jackets and carefully examine whether they are ripped or stained. Next, try them out to see if they still fit you. You shouldn’t pack all your winter clothes. There are many reasons for not packing every single item. The more bulky clothes you pack, the more boxes you will need and, the relocation price will be higher. So, downsize your suitcase. After you decide what clothes to declutter, organize a garage sale or give them away. Once you’ve determined what to bring with you, pack them properly.

Coats on a hanger
Find a way to pack your bulky coats and jackets without using too much space

Pack bulky coats and jackets with these packing supplies

When it comes to packing bulky winter garments, there are several packagings you can use:

  • Vacuum bags – these compression bags are designed to squeeze your clothes, sucking the air out of them, thus making them easy to fit a box or a suitcase, so you get more packing space. This will save your jackets and coats from moisture and dirt.
  • Luggage cubes – Packing cubes are an efficient way to organize and condense your winter garments, thus helping to maximize space
  • Wardrobe boxes – these are specialized moving boxes that allow you to pack your winter clothes exactly as they were set in your wardrobe
  • Suitcase – If you don’t have a lot of jackets and clothes, you can pack them in a suitcase but only if they do not crumple.

The best techniques to pack your winter clothes

To avoid problems such as getting your clothes dirty, stained, or ripped out, you should try different packing techniques. We’ve prepared a list of the most popular folding techniques that will save you both time and space while packing.

Black jackets: pack bulky coats and jackets for your move
Use different folding techniques to pack your winter clothes efficiently

How to fold bulky coats and jackets

You can button up or zip your winter clothes to make them easier to fold. After that, fold the sleeves. Lay the coat or jacket on its front part on your bed or some other surface, then fold each sleeve backward and fold the jacket or coat in half. Squeeze it tighter by rolling the whole jacket up starting from the collar. Then, you can vacuum them in vacuum bags or roll them up and pack them in a suitcase. If you choose to pack them in a suitcase or a box, make sure to squeeze the jackets to suck the air out of them.

How to pack coats and jackets with and without a hood

There are two different ways of packing a coat or jacket with a hood. You will fold them differently depending on whether they had a detachable hood or not. If your jacket or coat has a detachable hood, then it’s best to remove it. However, if they have a non-detachable hood, you will have to fold it differently. Roll the jacket as previously described, and then roll up the coat into the hood if possible. If not, then fold the hood before you fold the jacket in half.

Pack your bulky coats and jackets using a professional packing service

Relocation is all about planning, and packing is no exception. No matter what you are packing, it requires a lot of time and patience. We usually think that packing clothes is one of the easiest tasks, and it is indeed, but it can turn into a nightmare if we don’t carefully plan the packing. This is especially when it comes to packing bulky coats and jackets. So, if this task is tedious for you, try using professional help. Among other relocation services Saudi Arabia, you can also use packing and crating services. With the help of professional packers, your winter clothes will be packed properly and will be safe from moisture, dirt, or tearing.

Bonus tip

If you’re moving during the wintertime, choose the bulkiest coat or jacket for you and your family to wear on your relocation day. This way, you won’t have to pack such bulky items, and you will save space. Also, do the same thing for your winter shoes.

Clothes on a hanger
Weigh your luggage and downsize unnecessary clothes

Remember, less is more

We all love having a lot of clothes, but let’s be honest – how many of them do we actually wear? So, when packing your winter clothes, try to declutter as many items as possible. There’s no point in moving the clothes you don’t wear. Remember, less has always been more. Look at this decluttering as an opportunity to buy new coats and jackets after you move.

Reach to us today and schedule your packing service

If you are not sure how to pack your bulky coats and jackets, or if you don’t know where to purchase the right packing supplies, you can always hire professional packers. Four Winds KSA is here to do this tedious task instead of you. Contact us and use our packing & crating service. With it, you won’t have to pay for packing supplies, your belongings will be packed in the right way, and you will save a lot of time.

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