How to pack jewelry for shipping

If you are planning to ship valuable jewelry, the important part is to pack it properly. If you have never done it before, no need to worry. This article will guide you through the process. But to pack jewelry for shipping is not so much different than shipping other kinds of fragile and valuable items. And your main concern should be to use quality packing materials before you call cargo companies in Dammam to ship your package. Here is how to do it properly.

Hire professional help or use quality packing materials when you pack jewelry for shipping

Before you begin, you should consider hiring professional packaging companies in Saudi Arabia for this task. That could save you a lot of nerves. Plus, your jewelry will be packed professionally. If, on the other hand, you are planning to pack your jewelry without anyone’s help, the first thing to do is to get quality packing materials.

Corrugated carton to pack jewelry for shipping
You should use quality packing materials

That means triple-wall corrugated carton boxes, lots of bubble plastic, maybe some packing peanuts and good packing tape. If it’s possible, use WAT packing tape. This tape will seal the box and it is weatherproof. And the most important part is that it cannot be removed without leaving a trace. Which is very important when shipping valuable jewelry.

Pack jewelry for shipping carefully

Of course, when you are planning to pack jewelry for shipping you should first put in its original box. Jewelry boxes are sturdy enough to protect the pieces from accidental damage. However, you need to protect that original box as well. And to hide it from curious persons. So, wrap the jewelry box in bubble plastic. Fill the carton box halfway with packing peanuts, or folded sheets of bubble plastic. Place the jewelry box inside the carton. Fill the box to the top with padding. Finally, seal the box with WAT packing tape.

Don’t reveal the content of the box

One of the things that you should pay attention to is security. That is why it is important that the content of your carton is unrecognizable. So, if you are a jewelry dealer, do not print the boxes with your company’s name. That is if you want your package to arrive safely.

Hire an experienced logistic company

Of course, when shipping valuable items you would like the best service possible. That is why you need to do some research before hiring logistics companies in Saudi Arabia. The important part is to hire a company that has previous experience with shipping valuable items.

Worker pushing a cargo
Hire an experienced company if you want your valuables to arrive safely

After you pack jewelry for shipping get insurance

Insurance is one of the essentials when you are shipping anything. But, especially when you are shipping valuable jewelry pieces that could cost thousands of dollars. And even the slightest scratch could cost you immensely. So make sure that you have proper insurance and leave your worries behind.

Request delivery signature for your valuable shipment

One of the things that could help you make sure that your package arrives in the right hands is the request for a delivery signature. If you do not request this, the currier could leave the package at the doorstep if no one is at home. And then who knows what could happen. If you request a delivery signature, the currier would then return the package to the post office to wait for the recipient.

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