How to pack liquids and perishables when moving

Moving takes a lot of effort. It isn’t only simply putting your things in boxes, shuffling them onto the truck and then hoping for the best. It takes serious planning, a lot of thinking and, finally, a lot of work. One of the most difficult, and biggest, parts of the move is the packing itself. First, you need to decide what you will take to your new home. Then, figure out how to best pack these items, and then pack them. And you still aren’t done. There are some items that a lot of moving services Saudi Arabia won’t move. It’s either illegal, can be dangerous, or they simply cannot guarantee that they can transport them safely. This is why you need to be the one to pack liquids and perishables when moving.

Why you need to pack liquids and perishables when moving

You might be wondering why your movers won’t move these items, and why you need to pack liquids and perishables when moving, as well as transport them. First, keep in mind that these don’t apply to every move, as well as every mover. You need to talk to your moving company about their restrictions when you request a free quote from them. And however different these items are, there is one thing that connects them. Movers don’t move them for your safety, whether it’s your personal safety or the safety of your items. Here’s the list:

  • gasoline, motor oil and similar flammable chemicals;
  • ammunition;
  • car batteries;
  • flammable house cleaning agents;
  • children chemistry sets – surprising, but still amongst the things when you pack liquids and perishables when moving.
Lab equipment.
Chemistry sets can be dangerous.

Finally, a lot of movers will just refuse to carry liquids because they are easy to spill. On longer moves, they will also refuse to bring food and plants with them. This is because sometimes it may take a week or so for your things to reach you. By that time, the food will have spoilt and the plants would be dead. So, the question stands –  how can you pack liquids and perishables when moving?

How to pack liquids during a move

As we already discussed, the biggest risk of moving liquids is spilling them. However well you pack or protect them, spilling them in the truck can not only damage all the items around them but the vehicle as well. This is one of the major reasons why professional moving companies in Saudi Arabia discourage you from packing them in the move. If you really need to pack these things, however, there are some useful steps to follow.

Bottles with caps on.
Secure the bottles well.

First, you will need to get rid of as many stuff as you can. Decluttering your home is a normal thing to do during the move. Not only will it help you save space in the truck, but you will also save money this way. However, it is also beneficial for cleaning up your home. Throughout our lives, we collect a lot of things. It doesn’t really matter if it’s souvenirs from our travels or multiple bottles of shampoo – people are hoarders. This is why it’s important to go through all the liquids in your home and decide what you really need with you. Toss away the rest, or use them up before the move.

How to pack bottles

The next thing you need to do is secure the bottles you will be taking with you. First, check if they are open or not. If not, they are already pretty secure for the transport. You will, however, need to pay extra attention to the open ones. Tightening their lids is the first step. Then, for added protection, you will want to tape the lids so nothing spills through somehow. As far as the boxes go, use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This way, even if something spills, the liquid will not go through plastic like it would through cardboard. Just keep in mind to use eco-friendly bins, of course!

How to pack perishable items for the move

We already talked a little bit about perishable items, and why they can be dangerous for moving. If you are still unsure about what these are, there is a simple rule of thumb. Perishables are the items that have an expiration date on them. These include foods as well as organic items. The reason why logistic companies in Saudi Arabia have trouble transporting them is because they are weak to heat. And since it can get pretty hot in the truck, depending on where you are moving, they can start to rot easily.

A shelf with cans – you might need to throw out some items in order to pack liquids and perishables when moving.
Think about whether you need all those cans.

The same applies to these items as it does to the liquids when planning to move them. Make sure you really need them. Before you start to pack liquids and perishables when moving, go through each item. It will be better if you can use it in the weeks before the move or donate it. First, canned goods can often get pretty heavy (you might even need conversion tools to figure out just how heavy they are!). So, not only can they be dangerous to transport, but they will increase the cost of your move. So, transport them only if you think you will really need these items in your house. Remember, you can always buy new ones after the move!

If you still insist on transporting them, there is only one thing that needs to be in your mind. These items need to be in cool temperature. What this means is that either the truck itself needs to have some sort of temperature control, or you need to make sure you have a cold container to pack liquids and perishables when moving.

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