How to recognize a legitimate moving company

There is a lot of stress that comes with the process of moving. This is because relocating involves a lot of chores, and puts a lot of pressure on you. It doesn’t really matter if we are talking about local or international moving – sometimes it might just feel like too much. You need to think about everything – from packing to utilities. Miss something and you will end up with even more work on your hands. This is why a lot of people choose to hire a professional moving company. They are the people who will help with some of your work. Whether it’s packing or transporting your stuff, they will be there for you while you focus on other chores. In this article, find out how to recognize a legitimate moving company, from those who might not be as good as they seem.

Why getting a legitimate moving company is important

The first thing you might ask is why even bother with getting a legitimate moving company? Are there really such companies that are bad, or even illegal? Well, the answer can be quite complicated, actually. As there are many factors in your move, so there are many things that can go wrong during a move. Some fraudulent companies can, for example, kidnap your items and ask for extra charges to give them for you. Others might have the best intention but will not have efficient workers. When you are on a clock, every second will count, so getting the right company matters. This is what you can do:

  • make sure the company has proper licenses,
  • read the reviews to find a legitimate moving company,
  • look into how they behaved during an estimate and
  • take note of how professional they are.

These four small steps will help you in picking a legitimate moving company out of the bunch on the offer. So, keep them in mind when you are looking for relocation services Saudi Arabia, whether online or in person.

Licenses are very important

One of the most important things a company needs to have is the license and the insurance. You should not work with a company that doesn’t have them, because it is a clear sign of a fraudulent mover. However, depending on where the movers are, there might be different licensing regulations. You need to look into this yourself based on a couple of things – where your move is and how big it is.

A person signing contracts with a legitimate moving company.
Be careful with anything you sign.

There are, however, online resources that can help you in finding reliable moving companies. Make sure you use them when screening your movers online. The second thing you should do is just simply talk with the moving company’s representative. Ask them about their licensing as well as their insurance policies. Remember, without any insurance, you will have to pay for your items if they get broken. Keep in mind that this can happen even with an insurance policy – pay attention to what you sign before you sign anything.

Check the online reviews of the company

Another great thing you can do when you want to find a legitimate moving company is to search review websites. There are many who specialize only in moving companies, so those should be your first resource. Look into not only what the reviews are but how many of them there are. This will give you an excellent picture of how long the company is in business, which in turn will tell you just how much experience they have.

A person reading online reviews.
Read the online reviews.

However, there is a thing to remember here. Always take the reviews with a grain of salt and keep an open mind. Sometimes, a fraudulent company will figure out how to game the review system, and end up with only shining five-star reviews. Remember – it’s perfectly normal to have a couple of unsatisfied customers when you are in business for a couple of years. No local movers are perfect! Of course, if they have only bad reviews, you will want to evade the company for sure!

Finally, always ask for references from the moving company. Pick up their contact information and phone these people. They will be able to paint an even clearer picture of the moving company than the online reviews. Just make sure to ask them pointed questions instead of general ones. For example, ask them about one thing they would change about the moving company, instead of asking them whether they liked the experience or not.

Pay attention to how professional a company is

A good way to see if you are working with a legitimate moving company is by paying attention to how well they communicate with you. This starts from the moment they pick up the phone. Are they kind and polite? Do they have an actual physical address and an office you can visit? Do you feel at ease with them, or is something raising red flags? Always have questions like these when looking for a company, because sometimes trusting your instincts is a great thing!

A person offering their hand.
Pay attention to how professional everyone is.

Finally, here at Four Winds Saudi Arabia Limited, we also recommend you take a closer look at the estimator. Estimates are an integral part of the moving process, and they cannot be done over the phone. So, insist on the in-home estimate, and pay close attention to how the person behaves. Are they only superficially looking over at your things, in a rush to finish? Or are they asking you a lot of questions about what you intend to carry with you, and how you want to pack these things? This is a great show of whether or not you are working with a legitimate moving company, so keep your eyes open. Good luck!

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