How to rent shipping containers

There are many things people do when moving. The most common one would be to call a professional relocation company in Saudi Arabia. They will help you pack everything up and shuffle it all off in the truck. Another option is to do it all by yourself. And depending on how you handle it, this can turn out to be a cheaper or a significantly more expensive option. This is because there are many ways you can go about doing this. One option is to pack everything in your car or your truck and just keep driving. But have you considered the possibility to rent shipping containers?

This somehow never pops into people’s heads, even though it can be a safe mix between moving yourself and calling the moving company. After packing everything, all you need are movers to transport it. Find out how to find a container in this article!

Think about your budget when you want to rent shipping containers

One of the first things people are worried about when talking about shipping containers is how much it will actually hurt their wallets. However, what many people don’t realize is that this can often turn to be a cheaper, safer alternative. Since movers will usually charge you both by weight of your shipment and the distance they travel, you can cut your moving expenses by lowering the weight of the stuff they carry. And how do you do this? By renting a shipping container, of course!

Money and a clock.
Be careful with your budget.

Simply call the shipping container services and arrange for a unit. They will drop it off at your doorstep. From there, you can fill it up with your stuff and wait. Once the moving day arrives, call the company again and they will deposit the unit to your new home, while you and movers take care of the rest of your stuff. This gives you both ample time to pack in advance, as well as space for doing other chores for the moving day.

Consider what you really need

Before you rent shipping containers, you will, of course, need to think about whether or not you really need them. Go through all your stuff, and decide what you will be moving, and what you won’t. From there, it should be easier for you to decide what you will pack in a container. This will also help you out when deciding how big to go when picking the container. Generally speaking, you will need a 20-foot container for a two or three bedroom home. If you are a careful packer, you can even fit two bedrooms inside a 10′ box! There is also an 8 feet container, but you should think about using an online packing calculator to gauge how big (or small) you need to go.

A meter.
Think about the size of the container.

When deciding how big of a shipping container you need, you should also think about the money you’re spending. You can always rent two smaller containers if that seem cheaper, but then you would be going back and forth to each of them. This is pretty impossible if you are moving coast to coast, for example, so maybe getting a big container might be the best option in the long run. Always think about the little costs like these, because they can add up fast and easily.

Start your search

Now that you know why you want to rent shipping containers and how big of a unit you need, it’s time to start looking for some. First, you will want to ask around about shipping container companies. Maybe your friends, neighbors or colleges used their services just recently and they can give you some details about their experiences. Remember – it doesn’t hurt to ask, and this is a great place to start your search.

If you don’t get any information this way, then it’s time to hit the internet. There are various websites you can find here, with so much information that it can make your head hurt. Rule number one, though, is to always think about the dangers – you will want to avoid moving scams. There are ways to do this, and we will discuss them in just a few paragraphs.

A tablet can be used to rent shipping containers.
The internet can help you in your search.

So, start by getting a list of up to ten shipping container companies in your area. We will start crossing the names off the list as we go along until you are left with only one. Go with those that seem reliable enough – finding online reviews will also help you with this. Remember – it’s okay to have a couple of negative reviews if you have worked for a couple of years. However, if at any time something seems suspicious about the company, make sure you investigate further.

Asking questions

Asking questions is the best way to discover what the best company to rent shipping containers with is. The first thing you will want to do is call the names on your list and ask for moving quotes. The most important part about these will be for you to compare rental rates, as well as delivery fees. You should also talk about the container availability when you are moving – you don’t want to start your move only to realize there are no containers available.

Finally, talk to the company representative and ask them a lot of questions. You will want to have everything covered, so talk to them about anything you feel uneasy about. Ask them about delays you might experience when moving. Talk about additional charges that might happen. Talk to them about shipping fragile items and how secure they are. It’s important to get all questions answered when you rent shipping containers. Only this way you will be at ease and your move will be without stress.

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