How to Safely Pack and Ship Plants

Shipping plants can be a bit tricky as they are living things that can easily get damaged during transit. However, with proper preparation and packaging, you can safely pack and ship plants to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition. And now when you must do this, you have two options. One is to cover the entire process by yourself. Other is to enlist packers and movers in Saudi Arabia to do it instead. Either way, there are several things you must know regardless of the choice you make. Let us help you out and prepare your plants for a safe journey.

Choose a suitable plant

Not all plants are suitable for shipping. Choose a plant that is healthy, sturdy, and can tolerate the stress of shipping. Avoid shipping plants that are in bloom, as they are more delicate and prone to damage. Also, trim any dead or damaged leaves or stems, and reduce the overall size of the plant to make it more compact and easier to pack. And remember, packaging companies in Saudi Arabia are ready to help you pack and ship plants but keep in mind that some plants are not strong enough to endure the voyage. We are sure your shipping company will advise the same.

Potted plants on the shelf.
Some plants can withstand the journey better than others. Some are not meant to be shipped at all.

Pack and ship plants in an adequate container

Use a sturdy container that is large enough to accommodate the plant and the packing materials. A cardboard box is a good option, but make sure it is strong enough to withstand the weight of the plant. So, to prepare the container, you should line the bottom of the container with packing material. This can be shredded paper, bubble wrap, or foam peanuts. This will provide a cushion for the plant during transit. And to obtain these packing materials, check online, visit the local hardware store, or purchase everything from packing and moving companies in Riyadh. Whatever is more convenient for you.

Before you pack and ship plants, you must wrap and secure them

Wrap the plant in moist paper or a plastic bag to keep the soil in place and prevent it from spilling during transit. Then, use twine to secure the plant to the container or tape if that is easier for you, and prevent it from moving during transit. Also, clearly label the package as containing live plants and include any special instructions or handling requirements.

Pack and ship plants with protective wrapping.
Plants can be wrapped in protective sheets, paper, and foil to endure this journey.

Choose a suitable shipping method

Choose a shipping method that will get the plant to its destination as quickly as possible. Just talk with one of the local logistics companies in Middle East and figure out which shipping method is the best for your situation. And avoid shipping during extreme weather conditions, as this can damage the plant. Also, let the recipient know that a live plant is being shipped to them and give them instructions on how to care for it when it arrives.

By following these steps, you can safely pack and ship plants to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition. All you need is a reliable moving and shipping company and you’ll make it so. Find one and secure your cargo. Good luck.

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