How to ship appliances overseas

It is actually very hard to ship appliances overseas. There is a list of reasons why it is so expensive, hard, and even forbidden. Thus, the first question you should ask about this is if you really need to take it with you when moving. Do not forget that you will move to another country. Maybe it is good to start with new appliances in your new home.

  • Home appliances are usually large, or robust for carrying – so you will need to protect it;
  • When talking about the size, any increase of size and weight effect on final shipping price – consider of leaving them instead;
  • Whenever you ship appliances overseas you will need to prepare special documentation, and it also costs and takes time;
  • The electric outlet in a new country could be completely different from the outlets in your home, so your appliances will not work – maybe logistics companies Yanbu know how to help you in that;
  • It is a lot of jobs, and usually do not ends right – perhaps it is best to not bother with it at all.

However, if you are convinced that this is a smart step, you can find ways to ship appliances overseas easily. Prepare yourself for documentation, long preparation, and a special package that it needs. Also, a moving company that you have hired has all important answers, so do not hesitate to ask them.

A washing machine that is very hard if you want to ship appliances overseas
You should ask yourself if you really need to take appliances with you

Research how to ship appliances overseas

Before any shipping or traveling, you should inform yourself about the rules and legislation. You should start with that much before start with packing. You may need to prepare a special package for some of your appliances. Also, documentation could be hard for collecting, so you should start on time. Whatever it is, make sure that you have not left any question or doubt open.

Ask the moving company if they support you

It is evident that the moving company decides if you can ship appliances overseas or not. Some companies will advise you to give up from this. However, if they accept, make sure that you have informed them about the size, shape, and other details. Also, precise cots of every service they provide you – starting from collecting the documentation.

You will be forced to hire international movers

Whether you wanted to ship appliances overseas on yourself, you may need to hire professionals for that. There are different custom legislations, some of them hiring professional companies. It could be good for you, but also expensive, though. Hiring international movers Jeddah could save your time but also money needed for this job.

Electric outlet

The first question you should answer is if your device could work in another country. It is especially important if you ship appliances overseas. In these cases, you change the country, state, and even continent. Every one of them has their rules and installation. You should also know for adapters that could change the electricity to adapt to your device. However, all of these demand professional help and advice.

An iron
Some items are not worth taking with you when moving

Ask yourself again if it is worth taking

After you have research and have precisely defined cost, ask yourself again if this is worth taking. Maybe you have an expensive device that you want to take with you, but also costs of that could be extremely high.

Documentation that you will need to ship appliances overseas

Every country in the world has its rules about shipping appliances. In some cases, even the electric outlet could be different. However, the worst is the actual documentation that you will need in this case. If you have a new electrical device or gadget, you must have a bill and proof that you have bought it. In some cases, they may ask you to pay an extra fee or tax when bringing it in their country. You must prepare all documentation before moving, though.

You cannot take with you electric appliances in warranty

There is special legislation that manufacturer follows. If your device is in warranty, you cannot ship appliances overseas. The reasons are actually straightforward. You can damage it or plug in a higher electric volume that could damage the device. In that case, the manufacturer will not accept the warranty. It is good to know that before shipping appliances.

Check prices if you want to ship appliances overseas

Let’s be honest. This service is not cheap. Not only that they will need to organize shipping of very large and heavy items, but also to prepare documentation and perhaps special cargo space. However, prices could be different in moving companies. You should compare the prices and decide which are the best for you. Four Winds Saudi Arabia has very attractive and favorable services, so consider them, too.

Research custom regulations

That is the first barrier to consider if you want to ship appliances overseas. The most important is to know if they will charge duty taxes for the electric devices. It would be best if you know before you even start packing. In some cases, it does not worth of trying.

A vacuum cleaner
There are situations when custom regulations will not allow you to take appliances with you

How to pack appliances when moving overseas

Finally, do not forget that your appliances are robust and heavy items. You will need to pack them as furniture or even better. It is also important to protect them from damage and other items in the plane. Although packing should be the same as in every other circumstance, country or airport could have their own rules about it.

Do not forget about the packing material

As appliances are the most sensitive and expensive, you should prepare it and pack very carefully. Ask packaging companies in Saudi Arabia for advice. Thankfully, you will not need special equipment for that. You will actually need commonly used packing material to ship appliances overseas. It means that you will need a lot of wrapping plastic, bubble wrap, styrofoam, card boxes. You can also use blankets or pillows if custom legislation allows them.

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