How to track your shipment

If you want to start your own business and sell products online all around the world, or order some product, tracking them is part of a shipping process. You will want to track your shipment in both cases, but before that, you should learn how. Nowadays, more and more people are buying and selling goods online, or import/export goods they make. And packages often get misplaced or lost or damaged in transit, which is why we have tracking options.

Packing an item for shipping.
After you have packed items you want to ship, ship and track them.

Tracking a shipment is possible if you are shipping small packaging or you are shipping the whole shipping container. If you want to ship a lot of products, then you should first rent a shipping container or more than one container. In every case, this quick guide will help.

Hiring a good shipping company before you  track your shipment

The first step is to choose a company for shipping and also t choose a type of shipping. Goods can be shipped via sea, air, and road. It depends on how fast you want to be your shipment and what are you shipping. For example, shipping a car from Saudi Arabia to the USA will be done by sea freight. But, if you want to ship a small item to the USA, it can be done by a plane.


Moving boxes.
Pack your items and ship them with the best shipping company you can hire.

Choosing a freight forwarding company is the most important step. So, here are some tips for you about how to pick the best of the best:

Pay attention to registration and licensing

No matter which company you choose, they must be registered and licensed. Before you hire them, ask about these details, because they are the most important. They need to give you their NVOCC number. Licenses are different for international companies and domestic shipping companies. Each company in shipping business must have a license, if they do not, it is illegal. DO NOT hire a moving and shipping company in that situation.

Types of cargo loading services

You can choose between different cargo transportation. When you find a suitable company, see what they offer to their clients.

  • Warehouse loading – a company will pack and load your items. It is something like a full-service type.
  • Live load – a container will be delivered in front of your home and you will pack and load it by yourself.
  • Drop and pull – this is a stressless but more expensive option. A shipping container will be in your yard and a company will pick it up after a couple of days.

Types of shipping containers

A company should offer you different sizes and types of shipping containers if you have a lot of goods to ship. You can choose between 20′ or 40′ container or choose a climate-controlled container. A variety of containers will make your work easier.

Tracking tools

This is part of shipping we are talking about now. Different companies have different tracking tools. But, the most important thing is that you will be able to track your shipment. Use technological advances and have a stressless job. Ask a company about the package tracking options they offer. The best option is to track it online whenever you want to. Some companies charge more for tracking, but some of them do not.

The price for service

Price is also an important point. If you need to pay extra for tracking, it is worth it for sure. But, beware of hidden fees and read the contract entirely. There may be some additional fees you did not know about. So, before you choose a service, make sure you know what you are paying for that price and what is included.


If something goes wrong with your shipment, you will be glad to have insurance. A shipping company (most of them) will offer you an insurance policy, that covers the whole process from the beginning to the end. Usually, the minimum is about $0.60 per pound.

Tracking your shipment isn’t complicated

There are a few steps when tracking a shipment.

  • When the warehouse has prepared your goods to ship, you will receive a message via email. An email will contain a tracking number and content of the packing. Track your shipment starting now. It can be done on the same day, depending on the company.
  • Then, click on the tracking number (or copy/paste it) and you will see where your goods are at that moment (on the carrier website).
  • The information about your shipment will be provided when carrier pick your package and scan it.
  • You are able to see the status of your goods anytime (24/7).

What if shipment can’t be found?

Sometimes when you click or copy your tracking number, you may see a message that your shipment cannot be found. What does it mean?

  • If information were sent to you before your items were scanned. Wait a few hours and try again.
  • If the carrier did not pick up the package yet. It is a problem with timing and it is a common situation. You should not be worried.
  • If your item had a negative event, which is not common, you cannot track your shipment. That means. for example, your goods are into the wrong trailer. It is not happening that often.
icons for shipping.
Sometimes a shipment can’t be found, and there are reasons why.

Tracking a shipment is important for security and for your peace of mind too. When you want to track your shipment for business, make sure you have all the required information. A company you choose will give you that information, but just in case, make sure you have them all. If you are working in online selling, or you want to ship items to your friends and family, tracking your shipment is possible. You only need to turn on your pc or phone and to follow it.

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