International moving terms you should know

Making sure that you move your home or your business without issues means that you have to know some things about the moving business. This definitely includes the international moving terms you should know. If you are aware of how this industry is working, you will have no issues communicating with your relocation companies in Jeddah, planning, and moving your belongings without any issues. So, read our article and you will be able to relocate without issues.

International moving terms you should know

Now that you need to hire some of the best moving professionals or get customs clearing agents in Bahrain, you can be sure that you will do it with ease if you know these terms:

  • Actual Cash Value- The value of your belongings with depreciation counted in.
  • Agent Overseas- A moving company working with your moving company to help them relocate your belongings to a different location across the sea.
  • Arrival Notice- Your sea fright is notifying you when the ship with your belongings will arrive.
  • AWB- If you are shipping some of your belongings via plane, Air Way Bill is the document you have to have since it has all the information about the package.
  • Bill of Lading- Once your belongings are loaded in the moving truck, you will get this document. Once you sign it, you are stating that your belongings are on the moving truck and on the way.
  • Bonded Warehouse- A warehouse where you can keep your belongings while you wait for the customers to clear them.
a warehouse
You need to have a warehouse ready to keep your belongings until they go trough customs
  • CAF- This is the“Currency Adjustment Factor”.
  • COD- Or Cash On Delivery. You pay for the package once it arrives, not before.
  • Contract- A document that shows exactly what are the obligations and rights of you and whoever is giving you some kind of service. No matter if you are moving your home or shipping something, you need to have a contract.
  • BAF- The price of the service you get can change if the price of fuel changes.
  • Declared Value- If you are shipping a package to someone, you need to state the value of the package, and that declared value by the shipper is Declared Value.
  • Extra Handling Charge- If the goods you are shipping require extra handling, you will get these extra charges.
  • Fumigation– Preventing shipping exotic animals to other countries.
  • Insurance Certificat- A document your insurance will give you and you need to keep it with you.
  • NET Weight- Weight of the item shipped alone, without the package.
  • Groupage- Shipping lots of small packages packed as one.
a ship
If you ship your package with other packages, that is groupage

We will move you in no time

If you need different kinds of logistic services, you need to know the terminology behind them. International moving terms you should know are not hard to remember and use if you try. So, with our article, you can be sure that there will be no unclear parts of your move.

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