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A residential move is tricky enough. But international relocation is on a whole other level! Not only do you have to worry about the quintessential activities surrounding a move, but you also need to sort out the paperwork. What’s more, moving to another country means learning your rights as a foreigner. Questions like how do you adjust to life in a new country start popping up in your head. Naturally, it’s easy to lose yourself in the excitement and get sidetracked. However, hiring packers and movers in Saudi Arabia would surely bring back a sense of order. While you’re considering getting professional help, let’s have a look at what every international relocation packing list should contain.

Navigate your international move with ease with the essential packing list for expats

More often than not, moving abroad is double the stress and double the effort. And feelings of insecurity and fear of the unknown aren’t very helpful coping mechanisms. But by purchasing high-quality moving services in Saudi Arabia, you can finally get your mind off the technical aspects of your relocation, and focus on other things that matter equally. For instance, you can regain a sense of control by drafting your own international relocation packing list!

person writing an international relocation packing list with a pen in a notebook
Here’s how to draft the essential packing list for your overseas move.

Prioritize practical items over the rest

People buy piles of things they find impressive at first glance, only to shove them in the attic soon after, gathering dust. However, now you’re tight on storage space, so try to include only more practical belongings in your packing list for expatriates. Here are some of the essentials:

  • clothes and footwear – depending on where you’re moving, the weather conditions will vary more or less. So, help yourself get used to the climate, by packing seasonal clothes.
  • medicine
  • computer and other electronic equipment
  • nonperishable and canned foods
  • the necessary documentation
  • toilet paper and other personal hygiene products
  • other items you’ll need on your international relocation packing list

If you own some fragile possessions or valuables you don’t have room for, you can always count on relocation services in Saudi Arabia. In fact, just browse their storage services and you’ll see that renting a storage unit or storage container would be a quick fix solution.

woman packing a suitcase on the living room floor surrounded with clothes
Focus on the things you require to satisfy your most basic needs and put them first.

Gather the necessary paperwork

In terms of the legalities, moving abroad isn’t the same as moving within a country’s borders. So, you’ll need to prepare certain official documents ahead of your move. Furthermore, you always need to consider what types of documents the country you’re moving to requests at your arrival. Your relocation also needs to be approved with the help of certain paperwork. With this in mind, you’ll need to bring with you the following:

  • your passport
  • ID (identity card) or SSC (social security card) – along with the real thing, it would be wise to bring several printed copies of your identity document for legal purposes.
  • visa
  • insurance papers
  • your birth certificate
  • medical records
  • credit card

Depending on your marital status, you may also need a marriage certificate. Moreover, a (high school or university) diploma should come in handy after you settle and start searching for jobs. If you’re moving for work or intend on working at one point in your new place of residence, you need to have a work permit at the ready. Regarding relocation to Saudi Arabia, you should, by all means, consult a moving company about all the required documents and how to get ahold of them.

What’s a packing list for expats without the packing equipment

No matter where you go or what you do, there’s never enough storage. Ergo, check if you have enough suitcases to pack up your things. Odds are you’ll be very surprised about how many belongings you have lying around. As a consequence, you’ll fill up your last suitcase much before you’re done packing. Thus, you’ll have to channel your creativity and figure out ways to secure enough storage. For example, you could save your suitcases for more fragile items and buy additional storage bins and duffel bags for the rest. If you’re not into spending so much time and money on bins and bags you won’t know what to do with later, there’s always plan B. You can instead purchase affordable storage services Saudi Arabia and dismiss your worries.

three blue suitcases with a white sun hat on top of the largest one
Be sure to stack up on luggage, because lack of storage will likely be one of your prime concerns.

Moving with medication is not as easy as you think

Relocating overseas is not an ideal time to be experimenting with medicine. So, to be sure, check out what medical products you can include in your international relocation packing list. First things first, if you’re dealing with any kind of medical condition, your should stack up on your prescribed medicine. Tell the doctor about your relocation plans and ask for help regarding how you should handle your condition in the coming weeks and months. Health is always a top priority, so it’s better to not just assume that you’ll have immediate access to a specific medicine in a different country.

In addition, you should buy in advance certain medicine that you usually take for minor issues. Such products include painkillers, cold medicine, and cough medicine. Also, check what medication you’re allowed in the country you’re moving to. Indeed, there are many things to watch out for when traveling with medicine, so get well-informed.

Reach out to a moving company for professional help

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when drawing up the ultimate international relocation packing list. Sometimes, it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for guidance and assistance. What’s more, trying to do everything yourself is nearly impossible since a lot of information isn’t readily available or easy to track down. And reliable moving professionals can surely meet your halfway with their highly customizable and flexible moving services. Just ask and consider it done!

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