IT and Renewables

More and more our region of the world is investing in high technologies and in renewables. We have been moving high tech components such as servers, controllers, and low voltage machineries for the past three decades. Recently and part of the National Industrial development and logistics program under the 2030 vision umbrella we have been experiencing more requests to panels the logistics of renewables such as solar cells and wind turbines. Like servers solar cells are prone to static electricity when being moved. Therefore, special handling need to be taken into consideration with move planning and air suspension trucks where ever possible.

What can we offer for you:

  • Moving planning and study
  • De-population of servers in coordination with manufacturers
  • Special temperature controlled trucks with minimum vibration.
  • Air and sea freight
  • Packaging solutions
  • Unpacking.
  • Value added services as per request and moving study results.
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