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In this world of “need yesterday,” air travel is an integral part of the supply chain for many companies. Air freight is designed for cargo that needs to be moved around the country or the world quickly and safely. That is a solution that manufacturers turn to when the assembly line breaks down, and a critical spare part is needed for its quick launch. Pharmaceutical companies use air travel to deliver temperature-sensitive vaccinations around the world quickly and safely. Besides, high-value, high-demand electronics manufacturers use air travel to send goods to stores around the world. When you consider everything, Four Winds Saudi Arabia is your best choice for air cargo Jeddah. Don’t waste precious time and energy – contact our company today!

Air cargo Jeddah
And we can offer you more than one option

Four Winds offers various options for air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia

When you think about the delivery of goods by air, you can think about cargo planes. Although they are certainly one of the most common types of aircraft for air cargo Bahrain, there are other options, some of which you may not have considered. Depending on your needs, the cargo can also travel on passenger planes or by private charter. Four Winds specialists will help you determine the best way to transport your goods based on your requirements. Below are the most common types of air cargo Jeddah that we offer.

Commercial aircraft (passenger aircraft)

That’s right; your shipments can move in the cargo hold of a passenger plane. This solution is usually ideal for small loads. Many shippers believe that this is an economical means of delivery by air. And since commercial airlines regularly send flights, throughput is generally rarely a problem. Two types of aircraft are available with commercial delivery – narrow and wide-bodied aircraft. Both are for the carriage of goods on pallets or in containers. Please note that since the cargo goes with passengers, restrictions apply that you do not have other options for air cargo Jeddah. And there are restrictions on the size and weight depending on the type of aircraft, the airline and whether the goods go domestically or abroad.

Cargo airplane

That may be the most common mode of transport for air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia. Our cargo aircraft are specifically to move cargo. They come in different sizes, and although they may look like passenger planes outside, they can maximize the space of the aircraft to accommodate cargo of all sizes. Since these planes do not carry passengers, they have fewer restrictions from the Transport Security Administration (TSA), which means they can handle large, heavy loads and even dangerous cargo.

Air cargo Jeddah
Our cargo airplanes can carry as much cargo as you need

Air charter

For mission-critical shipments that need to happen within a short time, our charter services may be the best option. With a charter flight, you get exclusive use of the aircraft according to your delivery requirements – with direct service to your destination and without transfers. In most cases, this is the fastest method of delivery throughout the country and around the world, including cargo intended for remote locations. This solution is often for urgent transport needs in the energy, mining, and automotive industries. As well as for sporting events, filming movies, and releasing products.

The benefits of using our services of air cargo Jeddah

When you need to transport cargo across the country or around the world quickly, Four Winds will deliver it there quickly, but the benefits don’t end there. Our services of cheap air cargo to Saudi Arabia also provide:

Minimum warehouse requirements

As a rule, we usually have smaller stocks and send them in a more short time, so you need to pay less for storage space.

Additional security

Because TSA closely monitors airports, air travel can reduce the risk of theft. Since air travel is often sent by one plane from the point of departure to its destination, most of them can be moved without breakage. And the risk of damage is also less. And if that is not enough, we also offer insurance services.

Large service area

Four Winds has an extensive airline network that serves both domestic and international locations, allowing you to deliver cargo to customers all over the world easily.

Air cargo Jeddah
We can help you not only with air cargo Jeddah but also with delivering it all around the world

Access to capacity

Because of the frequency of commercial flights, we are consistently able to fulfill our obligations. If a flight is missed, we can usually deliver the cargo faster than a cargo airline, because later commercial flights will be delivered on the same day.

Predictable delivery times

When you ship by air with Four Winds, there are several shipping options, including:

  • Air on the same day / next flight. That is the fastest way to send by air, in addition to charter flights. Select this option to deliver the most urgent goods to your destination on the same day you shipped them.
  • Transportation of air cargo Jeddah the next day. Air transport next day will deliver your time-sensitive cargo to its destination by the end of the next business day.
  • Transport on the second day. A right balance of speed and cost, air on the second day is a good choice for urgent and economical transportation. Transportation of goods by this method will arrive at the destination by the second working day.
  • Delayed air cargo delivery: the most economical delivery option. Delayed air is optimal for lower priority loads that can wait for shipment until there is space on the plane.

How does air cargo Jeddah travel with Four Winds?

So how does air transportation work? When you book a package at Four Winds, we coordinate with a local carrier to arrange the delivery of goods at your warehouse or waiting point. Once the cargo is on the truck, we will send it to the airline. Then they put the cargo onto the plane on the way to the destination. When it arrives at the airport of destination, we will arrange the reception of the shipment and deliver it to the recipient.

Consider Four Winds air cargo Jeddah

Through our partnerships with both local and international airlines, Four Winds customers receive increased throughput, reliable arrival and departure times, exceptional customer service, streamlined customs brokerage, and customs clearance, and customized flight solutions that meet your needs. To get a quote or to find out more information about our air cargo Jeddah services, you can contact us.

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