Cold Chain Logistics

There are many things you need to think about when shipping an item. First, you need to think about packing it properly so something doesn’t break during the transport. Then, you need to consider who you will ship it by. Using a professional logistics company can help a lot during the shipment. On the other hand, unreliable freight forwarders can only make this job harder on you. Finally, you need to think about special shipping conditions for your items. Some, for example, need to have a temperature-controlled environment during every step of their journey. If you have such items, then you can do no wrong with Four Winds Saudi Arabia. We are the cold chain services that you need.

What do our Cold Chain Logistics offer to others?

Our Cold Chain services are at your disposal.
Four Winds Saudi Arabia is among the best Cold Chain logistics companies in the world.

A cold or cryogenic chain is an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range.

Through our team of cold chain services specialists and the presence of a global GDP-compliant network the whole wide world, we are instrumental in this partnership. We have been bringing into the country:

  • medical emergency shipments for organ transplantation;
  • scarce and expensive medicines needed by very ill patients;
  • clinical trial materials for hospital study accreditation and certifications;
  • new medicines for Saudi FDA registrations;
  • new medical technologies to cure the sick and the helpless.

Therefore, we offer 24/7 support on these kinds of shipments.

We are also in the front lines handling perceived infectious substances and specimens to leading experts and laboratories in the world for testing and analysis so that epidemic outbreak sources and determined and appropriate medicines are discovered to make this world a better place to live for all of us. We take it as part of our social responsibility to provide all the support and resources we can whenever a necessity arises.


Logistics other than Cold Chain services

Piles of papers.
The paperwork can sometimes be overwhelming.

However, we don’t only stop at cold chain services. Our logistic services cover much more than that! We offer regular cargo transportation. Our Speed Cargo Transportation is an efficient way in which we can get your item from your door to its destination – and organize the trip thoroughly before that. We also include freight forwarding – with all types of forwarding methods, as well as packing materials to keep all your items safe while traveling a great distance.

What’s more, we are one of the leading customs brokers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What this means is that we are used to dealing with custom officers, and we know what you require in order for your package to pass the borders. Since Saudi Arabian customs have strict laws and guidelines that everyone needs to adhere to, people are often frightened of sending their packages here. This is where Four Winds comes into play. We know exactly what you can send and which paperwork you need for it – to make sure you use our skills together with our cold chain services.

Finally, storing all your items is equally important to shipping them. This is especially true when it comes to the cold chain. You need good equipment for storing your items – and our storage facilities are exactly what you have been looking for. Not only that, but we have facilities for any type of cargo. They also have great security, so you can know your items will be safe with us.

What do our cold chain services offer?

A chain in ice - this isn't what cold chain services are.
What exactly is a cold chain?

You may be asking is what is a cold chain, and what is its purpose. What does it actually mean to have a temperature-controlled environment? What can you do with a cold chain? Well, a cold chain is a system of organizations, people and activities whose main goal is to move an item from the supplier to the person who needs it. An added benefit is that all of these will keep the item under a certain temperature that is necessary for it. In other words, cold chain services include everything that will keep your item from getting damaged, and still get it to where it needs to be – while keeping everything cool.

The name itself comes from the very image of what happens. This is a process that connects multiple links – production, storage, distribution, etc. – which all have refrigerating qualities that keep your items cool. This also includes a professional logistics company in Saudi Arabia and its equipment. The process is generally used for products such as fresh agricultural produce or frozen food, as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This is often called cold cargo during the process.

Why you should put your trust in Four Winds Saudi Arabia

Of course, one of the most important questions to ask anyone, whether you are moving to Saudi Arabia or just looking for cold chain services, is whether you can trust the company you are working with. We are very aware of that fact. A good, reputable company will make the job very easy for you. On the other hand, working with a fraudulent company will not only cost you money and time but will also cause a lot of stress. This is why the reputation of our company is important to us. We can proudly say that you can trust us.

Ever since we were established in 1979 as a small moving and freight company, we have worked hard to prove this fact. Our goal was to get to the front of the moving business. We set out to do this by training our workers and getting the best equipment possible. We achieved this goal, but we are still working hard daily to ensure that our services – whether moving, freight and even cold chain services – stay up to date with the newest technology. However, most of all, we are working hard to make our clients satisfied and happy. Contact us today and become one of them!