Customs Clearance

The customs clearance services offered by us contribute to fast and smooth clearance of cargo. Therefore, we support and direct our customers to perform complex customs clearance in Saudi Arabia with full responsibility. We take pride in saying that Four Winds is one of the few freight forwarding and logistics companies in KSA that owns and maintains our own customs license. We are one of the most trusted customs brokers in KSA. Many of the country’s major industrial and economic projects did materialize and still are operating at present through our customs brokerage services.

Using our experience and the latest technology, we ensure our customer’s supply chain. We are paying attention to the smallest details is our distinguishing feature. And we also encourage our experts to take part in various user automated programs to improve their skills. So, if you need Saudi customs clearance, then Four Winds Saudi Arabia is the right choice for you.

Leave everything in the knowledgeable and capable hands of our customs clearance specialists

How our customs clearance in Saudi Arabia works.
Customs clearance in Saudi Arabia at work – we deal with all the paperwork and requirements so that you don’t have to.

Saudi Arabia has the most stringent customs regulations in the world. All shipments are subject to 100% physical inspection except for shipments which are under customs exemptions. There are items for automatic confiscation, and there are items for censorship. Thorough and meticulous cargo screening must be done before packing commences. Likewise, before shipment dispatch, shippers must coordinate with our customs and admin consultants for proper guidance of latest updates in customs requirements.

We are proud to say that Four Winds Saudi Arabia is the only moving agent in the kingdom who owns a customs license. This hard-earned and privileged status gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating difficult consignments.

Four Winds customs brokers are highly knowledgeable of the intricacies of customs regulations, especially in Saudi Arabia where the actual procedures vary from port to port and rules are constantly adapting to the needs of the times. Our brokers take full responsibility for ensuring that correct documentation is prepared well in advance to avoid expensive and time-consuming delays.

Other specialized services offered by Four Winds include

Customs Clearance in Saudi Arabia
Four Winds can offer you the best Saudi customs clearance services
  • We export cargo both by air and by sea.
  • Exports for advertising zones such as SEEPz, technology parks, and general cargo
  • Export of exhibition goods under ATA CARNET
  • Export of clothes to export houses under various duty-free schemes
  • Import/export between multinational companies with a buyer-seller relationship
  • Bonding/uncoupling
  • Customs clearance for sale on the high seas (HSS)
  • Unaccompanied Baggage Staff
  • Project customs clearance
  • Re-export or re-import customs clearance
  • SEZ Clearance
  • Registration of import on the certificate of exemption from customs duties
  • Export clearance for lack / Focus license / EPCG
  • FTWZ cargo handling
  • Promotional Goods
  • PDB communication for SVB cases
  • TNK Specialist
  • Event management
  • Exhibition Products

Types of customs clearance in Saudi Arabia that we offer

International customs clearance

Firstly, we are a customs clearance agent. We can take out goods not only from Saudi Arabia but also from anywhere in the world.

The distinctive feature of our service

  • Full customs clearance services anywhere in the world
  • We can handle temporary import and customs shipments, cargo, and other permits.
  • We can get a permit for transportation with all the formalities that are performed in a particular country.

Import customs clearance

Saudi customs clearance
Our specialist will help you with every part of the importing process

Saudi Arabia is a major player in the import of raw materials, equipment, and finished products. And that requires a special study of the documentation requirements for all importers, such as trading goods, import by export houses under various customs duties, import of projects, special import license, temporary import, import by multinational companies, etc.

Four Winds, an agent for import customs clearance in Saudi Arabia, works very well with various customs procedures to help all types of importers as consultants and customs broker for the smooth processing of goods upon arrival at the customs port of Saudi Arabia.

The distinctive feature of our service

  • We follow an online process supported by (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange
  • The container is tracked using a container tracking system
  • We also provide customs and domestic warehousing services
  • Keep track with various governments organizations for documentation and legal procedures
  • Online payments
  • Highly equipped with a computerized and software system for fast work
  • Technical and physical participation of a professional team at every level
  • We provide packing and crating

Export customs clearance in Saudi Arabia

As an exporter, each also has added pressure to fulfill a production order on time and to meet delivery times. Here Four Winds takes responsibility to help the exporter, as a team, with finding suitable export options with competitive prices and reliable services to meet expectations and customer satisfaction.

The distinctive feature of our service

  • We are following an online process
  • We follow the Software Management System
  • Ship planning or air transportation planning
  • Quick documentation and export process
  • Fumigation/packaging standards.
  • Legalization of embassies documentation
  • Country of origin
  • Special export documentation
  • We provide packing and crating

There are numerous reasons to take our Saudi customs clearance services

There are also many reasons why you should consider using our customs clearance services. And this mostly depends on your particular business. Therefore, below are the main reasons that are likely to reflect on your specific needs.

Information on complex administrative needs

Many organizations can not manage the cost of labor, understanding the complex administrative procedures with the delivery of products abroad. Therefore, for this situation, they can pass on this business resistance and choose customs clearance services from Four Winds. Great organizations like ours offer a complete solution for export/import, including logistics, cargo delivery, warehousing, and distribution, so you can be sure that your business is fully settled.

Skills to facilitate customs clearance

Our customs clearance specialists ensure that your goods cross borders and also safely deliver them to their destination. They have everything they need to stimulate the entire customs process, regardless of the port of entry.

Help avoid unnecessary expenses

The regulations and rules for cross-border exchanges also continue to evolve. As experts on the prerequisites for each type of product, we can help you avoid costly delays, penalties, redistribution of stocks and various fines.

Convenient paperwork

Although you are not required by law to use the services of a good customs agent, such as Four Winds, many organizations like to work with us. This is a direct result of the fact that all printed materials and correspondence with important offices are entrusted to a specialist.

Business woman
More importantly, our skills in this area can save you from making exorbitant mistakes

Suitable product identification

Our customs agents are effectively aware of the obligations or duties imposed on goods when they are imported into the country. Each item is assigned a specific order number, and they have isolated at significant assemblies as well as subgroups to ensure correct and simple identification in order to receive customs duty.

Easy design with a formal record

Some products, therefore, require a formal section (the official announcement of specific data on imported goods). This applies to pharmaceutical and food products, cosmetics, chemicals, natural materials for medical and research purposes, as well as horticultural and dairy products. Using our services, you can be sure that everything will be settled just the way it should be.

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Whatever important aspect of Saudi society you look at now, chances are Four Winds has touched those areas: 

  • the electricity that lights your homes;
  • the gas you use to cook your meals;
  • materials used in building your homes;
  • telephone you use to contact your loved ones and business partners;
  • medicines that are taken by your relatives to cure their illness…

Four Winds was and still is here to continue bridging the gap to have those products enjoyed by us today.

Our own brokers for customs clearance in Saudi Arabia are comprehensively trained in their respective areas and unique customs procedures. They can ensure that correct documentation is prepared well in advance to avoid expensive and time-consuming delays. Along with that, Four Winds provides customs consultancy for difficult consignments and to new local and foreign companies who are establishing their business in the kingdom.

If you need help with your customs clearance in Saudi Arabia, feel free to contact us.