Good logistics services are sometimes hard to find – and they can be very, very valuable. There are many things that can fall into this category. From packing and moving your cargo, over dealing with border control to specialized item transportation, good logistics companies in Dammam can be a valuable ally for any of your needs. And lucky for you, you don’t need to search for them anymore! You have run into Four Winds Saudi Arabia – one of the best logistics companies in the kingdom! Contact us today for a free estimate or keep reading to learn why that is.

The services of logistics companies in Dammam

What are logistics companies, and what kind of logistics services Saudi Arabia they offer? Well, we cannot guarantee for others, but here at Four Winds, we have services tailored exactly to your needs. First, if you have a cargo that needs transporting to Dammam, we are here for you. With modern, safe trucks and workers with experience, we guarantee that your delivery will be efficient and professional. What’s more, we can also offer freight forwarding to and from Dammam too. We will take care of organizing the whole process, from the items’ starting location to their destination!

Trains moving freight - logistics companies in Dammam work with these.
Cargo moving can be tough to organize.

Also, we know how packing your items plays a huge part in ensuring their safety. Because of that, we offer both professional packing material – and our help. With the years of experience we have, you can be sure that your items will be able to traverse the planet without getting damages! We can even deal with customs in Saudi Arabia, which many people find frightening or confusing. Four Winds is a great pick for this – we are one of the rare logistics companies in Dammam with experience as customs brokers. Finally, we offer cold chain services as well as warehousing space. As you can see, we try to cover all your needs in Dammam – and that’s why we are the best.

Why pick Four Winds over other logistics companies in Dammam?

By now, you are probably asking yourself why you should pick Four Winds over other companies working in the Dammam area. And if the multitude and quality of our services didn’t ensure you enough about us being the best, then let us tell you a bit more about our history.

Four Winds was formed in 1979 with the goal of becoming a leader in the moving industry. The other goal was to become one of the best logistics companies in Dammam and the whole Kingdom. We have strived towards this goal, and we have not kept trying to get better even after achieving it. Four Winds are well aware that every day is a new opportunity to learn something, and we are using those opportunities well.

A global logistics network

Not only are our workers professional and experienced, but they also go through diverse training in order to further improve their skills. We are also aware of the difficulties people in need of logistics services face, so we put your priorities first. In order to achieve this as best as we can, we are also working with partners from various countries in the world.

A man in a suit.
Get a professional company – like Four Winds.

This way, we are creating a network of reliable logistics companies that you can use at any time. We are also members of a number of reputable international organizations, which include IATA, FIATA, and FIDI. But our reach isn’t only over international organizations. In order to ensure the best services to everyone, we also have seven offices throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Finally, we are not only trying to improve our workers but our equipment too. This is why we invest in developing new technologies and using the latest equipment. Because of it, you can rest assured that your items will be treated with care and will arrive safely at their destination.

Find out more about Dammam

Now, let’s take a closer look at the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia – Dammam. As a capital, Dammam has both judicial and administrative bodies of the province, as well as a number of government departments. It is also the largest city in the area, but there are five bigger in the whole country. These are Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, and Taif. The head of the Dammam municipality is a mayor, just like in all regional capitals in the Kingdom.

An important thing to know about Dammam, and one of the reasons to contact logistics companies in Dammam, is the big role it plays in the Saudi oil industry. It is a huge administrative center, and it forms the Dammam Metropolitan Area with cities of Dhahran and Al Khobar. The population of the area surpassed 4 million in 2012, so you will always have company. This is because a huge percentage of the people is made out of expats working in the oil industry.

Why people are moving to Dammam

A woman at an airport.
World’s biggest airport is in Dammam.

What’s more, the city is quite a popular destination for expats! The growth is estimated at 12% a year – and this is the fastest growing city in the Arab world. One of the reasons is just how well the city is connected to the outside world. There is the King Fahd International Airport in the metro area (as well as the Eastern Province). What makes the airport interesting is its size. It is the largest airport in the world, based on the area it covers (around 780 sq km). You can find it only 20 kilometers northwest of Dammam. The other connection is the King Abdul Aziz Sea Port – the largest on the Persian Gulf. As you can see, these are reasons enough to contact logistics companies in Dammam. So don’t waste a moment! Pick up your phone and contact us today!

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