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Over the last two decades or so, the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been thriving. More and more businesses are choosing this country for spreading their interests. However, when a company wants to import and export items in Saudi Arabia, they have to know the regulations. And gathering the documentation is only some of these regulations you will have to follow if you want to opt for air freight to Saudi Arabia. Luckily, we are here to provide you with all the necessary information about the air export! Four Winds has been around long enough and we know how to deal with customs and air export and import paperwork. But if you want the best services, you need to act quickly! Give us a call today and learn how you can make your business even better!

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You need to be prepared before you import or export your goods to KSA.

Importing and exporting from Saudi Arabia made easy with the help of Four Winds

We understand that most of all our customers aren’t familiar with the process of importing and exporting from Saudi Arabia. So, by hiring Four Winds, the best moving professionals will be by your side. We will help you prepare for importing and exporting and organize the whole thing. All you have to do is follow our guidelines and you will transport all of your goods with ease! Below, you will find out all that is necessary for importing to and exporting from Saudi Arabia like a pro!


When it comes to import and export, these two aren’t as different as it might seem to you. Just like with import, when you deal with air export from Saudi Arabia, there are some guidelines you need to follow. After all, knowing law regulations and requirements is of the utmost importance. So, below you will find the documents you will need in order to export safely.

  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs entry document (our advice for you is to hire a broker to deal with this part of your air export)
  • Customs declaration (your goods need to be approved to leave the country)
  • Export License (heads up – you need to obtain this from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment)
  • Export packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance certificate
  • Certificate of free sale
  • Weight certificate
  • Certificate of Inspection (depending on where you will ship your goods, the country of import might require your goods to be inspected by an international agency)

While obtaining all of these licenses and permits might seem complicated, it is a breeze when you have the right help. Just like with an international move, the professional help of our movers is of immense value. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us lend you a hand!

A plane shipping air export from Saudi Arabia.
Air export from Saudi Arabia is easy with the help of Four Winds!
  • All Shippers must have an export trade license and valid commercial registration (CR) Registration permitting them to import/export goods into/out Saudi Arabia.
  • Online authorization from Shipper to Four Winds broker and copy of the valid commercial registration showing the export activity, provided that his activity is conformable to the exported consignment.


#1: Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a very important document that is being used in foreign trade. It is basically something like a customs declaration provided by the person or a company that is exporting an item. It serves as proof of sale between two persons or companies. Although there is no standard format, this document must include a few specific pieces of information. For example, which parties are involved in the shipping transaction, what goods are being transported, what is the country of manufacture, and so on.

The invoice should be issued on the shipper’s company letterhead with the company stamp and shippers’ signature.

The mandatory details to be included in the commercial invoice are:

  1. Name and Address of Shipper
  2. Name and Address of Consignee
  3. Currency in words or standard international currency code
  4. Unit Price & Total price per items
  5. Freight Charges (optional)
  6. Insurance (optional)

When it comes to the commercial invoice, it is necessary to point out that it shouldn’t be handwritten. Only typed or printed invoices will be accepted. This is a very important detail so make sure to remember it. Also, if there is more than one commercial invoice, each of them needs to have separate invoice numbers.

  • All invoices should have a value for customs. “NO VALUE invoices are not accepted in Saudi Arabia Customs”.
  • No details in the invoice should be HANDWRITTEN. Only typed or printed details are accepted.
  • A Detailed HS Code Summary has to be provided for shipments with more than 1 HS CODE. Any shipments with multiple HS CODE the below excel sheet has to be given by the shipper. IF SDV

Has to create this sheet, HS Code Summary Charges will apply as per the tariff.







VALUE (currency)


No of Pieces




Country of Origin



NOTE: In the event, if more than one commercial invoice is provided, each invoice should have

separate invoice numbers.

  • PROFORMA INVOICE with CLAUSE “For Customs Purpose Only” is not accepted by the

Customs Department. The shipper’s invoice should be clearly marked as “ COMMERCIAL INVOICE OR INVOICE”

#2: Packing List – MANDATORY

An export packing list is a document that states all of the product details contained in each shipment. All shippers must create a detailed packing list if they want to export their goods successfully. It is mandatory and should be issued on shippers’ letterhead signed and stamped in colored ink or visibly embossed. An export packing list is a very important document necessary for correctly identifying and transporting cargo.

This list includes both product and packaging details that will be checked by Customs. There are different ways of creating a packing list template. Which template you will use will depend on the goods you are shipping and the type of shipment. However, each of these lists should include this information:

  1. Unit Quantity & Net Weight.
  2. Total number of packages + Gross weight (Has to be accurate with the MB/L)
  3. Country of Origin against each item – Mandatory
  4. HS Code against each item – Mandatory

*The packing List is mandatory and should be issued on shippers letterhead signed & stamped in colored ink or visibly embossed.

#3: Dangerous Goods

DG DECLARATION & MSDS REPORT is mandatory for the air export of Dangerous Goods shipments.

#4: Certificate of Origin

This is probably one of the most important documents necessary for exporting from Saudi Arabia. A Certificate of origin is a document that serves as evidence that the goods in a particular shipment are produced, manufactured or possessed in a particular country. This document should include the following information:

  • All details in the Chamber of commerce should tally with the invoice/packing list.
  • Certificate of origin (GCC commodities are excluded according to the GCC Customs Union’s instructions).

Important – every item should have identification number/serial no embossed on them (stickers are not accepted – must be engraved on the exported items) which can be seen for customs inspection prior export, these serial no’s must be mentioned on the commercial invoice against each item. This must tally with the details provided in the commercial documents while importing the shipment.


Why choose Four Winds for your air export?

With over 40 years of experience, Four Winds Saudi Arabia is one of the leading global companies that can deal with everything from customs regulations to air export and even warehousing. The happiness of our clients is our biggest mission, so we will do everything to keep all of you satisfied. We offer a full service, so you will know that your belongings are in the best hands. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our time-management and safety skills. This means that all of your goods will arrive intact and at the appointed time to the delivery area.

So, if you want to avoid the hassle, contact us today and ensure the safe transport of your goods! Our professional and experienced employees will be by your side through the entire process.

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