Air Import


  • All Consignees’ must-have importers trade license and consignee’s valid commercial registration (CR) Registration permitting them to import/export goods into/out Saudi Arabia.
  • Online authorization from Shipper to Four Winds broker and copy of the valid commercial registration showing the export activity, provided that his activity is conformable to the exported consignment.

Note: to register consignee authorization letter into Customs systems should be before the arrival of the consignment to the destination airport. (Please revert to Pre-alerts note).


  1. Commercial Invoice

  • Original commercial invoice attached by Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin
  • The mandatory details to be included in the commercial invoice are:
  1. Name and Address of Shipper
  2. Name and Address of Consignee
  3. Currency in words or standard international currency code
  4. Unit Price & Total price per items
  5. Freight Charges (optional)
  6. Insurance (optional)


In the case of DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipments, the total has to be shown as per the below format:

  • Total Cost: xxx
  • Freight Charges: xxx
  • Insurance: xxx


Total Value (CIF) : XXX


This format is most important to compute the exact duty charges on CIF value. The Saudi Arabia Customs insists on this format.


In case of DDP shipments, it will be 5% – 12 % based on the commodity of the cargo CIF value, customs duty needs to be transferred in advance and 2.5% of the duty amount will be charged by Four Winds Saudi Arabia to cover taxes and banking fees.


All invoices should have a value for customs. “NO VALUE invoices are not accepted in Saudi Arabia Customs”

  • No details in the invoice should be HANDWRITTEN. Only typed or printed details are accepted.
  • If the cargo is a temporary import, the serial numbers which are permanently marked on the items must be shown along with the respective values of each item in the documents.
  • A Detailed HS Code Summary has to be provided for shipments with more than 1 HS CODE. Any shipments with multiple HS CODE the below excel sheet has to be given by the shipper.





VALUE (currency)


No of Pieces




Country of Origin



  1. Packing List – MANDATORY

For AIR Import Packing List is mandatory and should be issued on shippers letterhead signed & stamped in colored ink or visibly embossed.

  1. Unit Quantity & Net Weight.
  2. Total number of packages + Gross weight (Has to be accurate with the MB/L)
  3. Country of Origin against each item – Mandatory
  4. HS Code against each item – Mandatory


  • Original Airway Bill – AWB
  • Certificate of origin (GCC commodities are excluded according to the GCC Customs Union’s instructions).
  • Accurate translation of invoice.
  • Packing list if the consignment consists of several items or different measurements.


  1. Certificate of Origin

All details in the Chamber of commerce should tally with the invoice/packing list.

Certificate of origin (GCC commodities are excluded according to the GCC Customs Union’s instructions).


  1. (if applicable) Other documents may be required depending on the goods being shipped.


  1. Health Certificate

Applicable for all food imports, perishable or non-perishable issued by the local healthcare authorities.


  1. SASO Certificate

SASO  –  Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org.


  1. Airway Bill –AWB Instructions

With respect to Custom formalities, House Air Waybill is NOT a valid document in Saudi Arabia. Consolidation is not permitted into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Only Airway Bill – AWB is the valid documents for customs


          The MAWB should be consigned to:-


            MAWB should be consigned to

actual consignee and notify:


            Four Winds Saudi Arabia  



House B/L:

  • Consignee:  Actual consignee
  • Notify party:   Freight Forwarder / Four Winds Saudi
  • Destination agent: Freight Forwarder
  • Freight Terms:           Collect – As agreed’ Please do not show any charges


House AWB (under Letter of Credit shipments):

  • Consignee: To the order of Bank
  • Notify party: Actual consignee
  • Destination agent: Freight Forwarder
  • Freight Terms: Collect – As agreed’ Please do not show any charges.


Shipping Documents

  1. The original commercial invoice should declare the C&F or CIF value, this document needs attestation from the local chamber of commerce at the origin.
  2. Original certificate of origin, attested by the local chamber of commerce at origin.
  3. Packing list.
  4. SASO Certificate wherever applicable. Quality Conformity Certificate is replacing the SASO certificate. This form should be signed and stamped by the manufacturer and must be attested by the concerned ministry who gave permission to manufacture the items involved.
  5. Proof of Payment


The description, quantity, weight/ volume on original documents should tally with the actual shipment. For any amendments, the line system message should come from the vessel agent from the port of origin to the vessel agent at the destination.

For any amendments, the instruction by telex message should come from the airport of origin to the

respective airline / handling agent at destination.


Correction or amendment on Master Air Waybill, Manifest is NOT permitted after arrival of shipment at airport

All types of Hazardous cargo are subject to strict rules and consignee has to obtain import permit from the concerned authorities prior to the dispatch of shipment from origin.

  • Consolidation into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from different suppliers for one consignee is permitted but should have separate documents (certificate of origin, commercial invoice, and packing list).



Prior to the movement of shipment from the origin, send a scanned or fax copy of shipping documents including MAWB to the respective destination offices for them to obtain the approval from the consignee on the documentation. (Consignee contact name and phone/email ID is required) in order to contact the consignee to prepare an authorization letter.

Advance notification on the flight details with the ETD and ETA to be advised to each destination office.

Forward the original shipping documents (unless otherwise specified) except House Air Waybill and Freight Invoice along with the actual shipment to the respective destination. Copy of freight Invoice and HAWB can be faxed to respective offices for early settlement and the original shall be forwarded by mail.


A) Conditions and Documents of Temporary Admission:

  • The consignee must have importers code number & Trade license permitting them to import these goods into Saudi Arabia.
  • A letter from the importer showing the type of consignment required for temporary admission and its duration.
  • A letter from the agency organizing the fair in certain cases.
  • The importer shall submit a detailed statement on the imported consignment (quantity, item, number, pictures of certain consignments such as gold and jewelry).
  • The port director’s approval on the temporary admission.


B) Temporary Admission Procedures:

  • The customs broker enters the temporary admission consignment information and transmits the import declaration electronically to the customs group supervisor.
  • The customs group supervisor reviews the import declaration information to verify that no remarks exist and then prints it electronically.
  • The customs group supervisor refers to the import declaration to the customs inspector.
    The customs inspector reviews the documents, examines the consignment, matches the imported goods against what has been declared by the owner, and verifies that all documents required for temporary admission are available.
  • The customs group supervisor approves the import declaration, releases the consignment, and transmits the transaction to the bank for payment of the customs duties and tying up under the deposit security
  • All documents of the transactions will be referred to the deposit security section where they will be kept until the consignment is re-exported.

The consignments exempted according to an industrial decision shall be referred to as handling as a special situation for conformity and exemption from customs duties.

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